Last time on CBS’ The Amazing Race, the competition kicked off in New York City, and Phil Keoghan had some exciting news for the contestants. There is a game-changer called The Save, and it allows the winners of the first leg to save themselves from a future elimination. Misti and Jim Raman, the dentists with the dazzling smiles, were the first to reach Phil, and clinched The Save.

The sister duo of Lisa and Michelle Thomson were eliminated from The Amazing Race in an epic case of karma after they pulled a sketchy move on Michael and Scott, the Boston firefighters. So who will take the lead in this leg of the race? Let’s find out!

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I See London

In episode two, “When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go,” Misti and Jim are the first team to depart Fort Christian in the US Virgin Islands, bound for London, England. Once there, teams must find the Tower Bridge. The first flight will carry six teams, while the remaining four duos will take the later flight. Kym and Alli and Tim and Te Jay decide to share a cab. I love it when the teams get along. Brooke and Adam, Bethany and Adam, and Amy and Maya also nab the first flight.

Pancakes and Guards

Tim and Te Jay reach the Tower Bridge and the Pearly King and Queen first. The next clue is a Detour. In “about face,” teams must dress up as part of the Queen’s guard and learn the traditional, and complex, movements from a drill instructor. In “pancake race,” teams must don an apron, make the perfect flapjack, and race around a course flipping their pancakes all the while. A challenge with pancakes? This must be a no-brainer!

Misti and Jim and Tim and Te Jay choose to join the guards. People, did you not understand that you are flipping pancakes and running? I am very confused right now. Adam and Bethany choose the pancake challenge, finish easily, and grab the next clue.

Off to Oxford

Teams must take a train from Paddington Station to Oxford, by the water’s edge. Meanwhile, the other teams are struggling to learn the marching steps, and also with wearing those rather unattractive red unfirms and big, puffy black hats. Misti and Jim finally complete the guard challenge and head off to Oxford, followed by an overjoyed Kym and Alli.

The rest of the teams on the second flight decide to go for the pancake challenge, except for Nici and Shelley. This mother and daughter have both been in the military, so the guard challenge should be pretty easy for them.  It proves to be a bit more difficult than expected, but they get the clue on the second try. The wrestlers, Brooke and Robbie, are last at the challenge, and Brooke becomes very upset.

Flip Your Flapjack

Back at the pancake race, Keith and Whitney almost cross the finish line in time, but instead are sent back to the beginning. So are Isabelle and Dennis, much to Keith and Whitney’s joy. Isabelle and Dennis and Michael and Scott are the final competitors preparing their pancakes. In what can only be termed a comical event, one of the firefighters loses his pancake on the course. I am starting to feel really bad for the poor firefighters.

When Dennis and Isabelle complete the task, the firefighters fail again because they didn’t flip their pancake enough times. When Scott drops his flapjack the next time near the finish line, it is frustrating to watch. Finally, the fourth time is the charm for the firefighters. Robbie and Brooke also complete their task and are currently in last place. 

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Punting on the River

Bethany and Adam get to Oxford first, and get the next clue. Teams will now go punting. A punt is a flat-bottomed boat, and one team member must stand on one end and propel the boat, while the other stands on the front end. After a lap around an island, teams can claim their next clue. What could possibly go wrong? Everything is going right for Bethany and Adam this leg of The Amazing Race, and they complete the punting challenge first.

The Trouble with Punting

Misti and Jim have to repeat the challenge because they were standing on the wrong ends of the boat. There is also quite a bit of punting traffic, which results in Whitney being knocked off into the water. Jim takes a moment to apologize – and gloat. Just as Whitney is telling Keith how great they are doing, and that she has only fallen in once, she is knocked off the punt again by some low-hanging foliage. Hilarious! 

Other teams have pressing issues to deal with, as when Shelley can no longer wait to use the rest room and relieves herself in the water. I am momentarily speechless. Yikes! Later on, Shelley and Nici and Isabelle and Dennis actually start to go around the island the wrong way because of the river’s current. Shelley starts to get weepy from frustration and disappointment. There is a lot of crying on this leg of the race.

Tip of the Bowler

Next up is Christ Church College, where teams will receive their next clue.  They are given a bowler hat and umbrella, which contains the information.  Now teams have a tough decision to make. They can go directly to the Pit Stop, or instead search for the Express Pass at a pub called the Bear Inn. Bethany and Adam are going for the pass. They arrive at the pub, and win the pass. Kudos to Bethany and Adam!

Jim and Misti deduce that Bethany and Adam would have already gone for the Express Pass, so they head to the Pit Stop.

The Pit Stop

Blenheim Palace, which is the birthplace of Winston Churchill, is the Pit Stop. Adam and Bethany reach the mat first, and learn they have also won a trip to Sweden. Misti and Jim grab second place, and that makes Jim pouty. Kym and Alli come in third.

The Last to Arrive

A teary Isabelle and Dennis are the final team to reach the mat, and they are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race season 25 airs Friday at 8pm on CBS.

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