Last week in Hell’s Kitchen an alliance of three has formed on the Blue Team that successfully manages to get rid of JR. This week, will the alliance go after Sterling? Also, we’re promised a “protein challenge.” Since meat and fish are the stations that crash and burn, I hope Ramsay can take the heat. Add Family Night to the mix, and Ramsay’s patience will be tried to its limit.

Dorms and Challenge

The Blue Team see their dinner as a wakeup call. With little sleep, they awake to the sound of chain saws and Andi and James’ screams. They gather in Hell’s Kitchen to find beautiful ice sculptures. In this episode, they will be facing the “Protein Challenge.” Each team must work in pairs and race the clock to identify proteins from around the world. Since they can’t cook it, I wonder if they can taste it. The Blue Team is sent upstairs as the Red Team gets first shot at the challenge.

The Red Team has difficulty identifying turkey. What am I saying? They have trouble with everything with Sade being the strongest. It’s funny when they drop one of the proteins on the floor. I don’t think the “five second” rule will work with Ramsay if they were preparing a meal. Their final time is 7 minutes and 41 seconds. Not good, but the ladies hope to beat the men.

Now the Blue Team is up. They race against the clock and immediately start off with misses on the dishes. While they seem to move fast, they’re still not a team. Sterling knows alligator and yells the protein but his team won’t listen. With Fernando grabbing duck for the final protein, the men win by a mere 34 seconds.

Hell’s Kitchen always gives rewards and punishments. The Blue Team will go to Santa Monica and meet special guests Genai Kerr, Tumua Anae and Shea Buckner, Olympians of water sports. Transportation come in the form of sporty Jeeps and the guys have a blast. Kerr and his friends teach the men to play water polo. Let’s just say their water polo skills are about on par with their kitchen skills.

The ladies have to prepare the kitchens for Family Night. This means hand cutting and grating the ingredients which upsets Ashley. She doesn’t think that cheese needs to be hand grated. Their lunch is a delicious shake made out of such exotic flavors as chicken and fish. While Kalen chugs her shake down, Jennifer throws hers up. Sade tells us that Jennifer can’t face the punishment. All the rest have met the challenge but Jennifer is above it. Sade and Jennifer continue the discussion later in the dorms.

The Blue Team returns full of energy to Hell’s Kitchen in time for service. The pep talk is Ramsay’s usual “don’t mess up” but he also adds that he doesn’t want any child to go away disappointed. The handmade pizza station may prove to be a key to this challenge.

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Hell’s Kitchen Is Open

Marino opens Hell’s Kitchen and celebrities enter. This time they’re not only adults like Helen Cosgrove and Jim Jeffries but Asia Ray (from Dance Moms). Luckily there is no Abby Lee Miller in sight.

The Red Team has Kalen and Katie on appetizers and problems start. They can’t communicate and capellini goes to the pass dry. It doesn’t get any better as the night progresses with timing issues and late entrees. The Red Team falls far behind the Blue Team. In fact, the Red Team finishes so far behind the Blue Team that Ramsay feels he must point it out.

The Blue Team has Aaron on fish and that seems to be their biggest problem. This alliance member can’t cook scallops. As entrees go out, Bryant and Steve have a good rhythm with customers happy. They’re on the last table with the ladies far behind and Ramsay feels easier with at least one kitchen getting the dishes prepared.

Dinner Is Over but Not for All

Ramsay gathers the chefs together and addresses their problems. The Red Team loses because of the appetizers and being so far behind the guys. He points out Roe and Kalen in particular. The men were inconsistent with Aaron being the root of their problem. The Blue Team do win. The Red Team must nominate two people for elimination.

In the dorms, the ladies have one clear candidate: Kalen. However, they have problems with their second choice. It’s time to return to Hell’s Kitchen and they’re basing their choice soleley on Family Night service.

The Decision

Ramsay asks for the Red Team nominees from La Tasha who tells him they are Katie and Kalen because of the appetizers. Ramsay disagrees and tells them to base it on all services. Katie is then asked for her choices and she immediately says Kalen but has problems with a second name. Finally, she tells Ramsay she chooses herself.

Ramsay calls both forward and gives Katie a lesson in what a head chef does not do. He tells her that head chefs never nominate themselves. Both make their case to stay with Kalen being vocal on the noms. She’s smart and names stations but will it influence Ramsay?

Ramsay polls the other Red Team members. One by one they respond “Kalen,” so we know where this is heading. Ramsay tells all that it has been a hard decision but Katie should get back in line. The person leaving Hell’s Kitchen is Kalen who tells us that the rest of the ladies need to watch their backs because of the backstabbing.

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Next time

The ladies are still upset and they have lost all concept of friendship. The men still have a problem with Sterling who seems to be in everyone face. Ramsay throws people out of the kitchen right and left. The Red Team finally does something unthinkable and Ramsay “cleans house.”

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