On the last episode of Project Runway, the designers had to design for a “real woman” off the street. After Char narrowly escaped sending her model down the runway, Alexander was eliminated. Because of course he was!

Place Your Bid

Tim meets the designers in a warehouse. He’s standing in front of five storage units. He tells the designers that they are going to be split into three teams of two and have to use the items in the storage units for their next challenge. Each team is responsible for two looks and has $500 to bid on which storage unit they want with only a glimpse of what’s inside.

Korina and Emily get the first unit for a steal with $35. It has upholstered couches and chairs.

Amanda, who is paired up with Kini, is inspired by a psychedelic yeti painting in the next unit full of mostly plastic toys.

The next unit is basically empty besides a dresser and styrofoam peanuts. Char and Sean are the only ones to bid on it so they win it for basically nothing. They’re in luck though, because the dresser is full of old clothes.

Korina and Emily use the rest of their money on the next unit which is full of fabric, rugs and other random textiles. And Sean and Char get the last unit that has lots of leather items in it.

Tim tells them to empty anything they want out of the units in the next 30 minutes. He says they have two days for this challenge and the winner will get haircare and styling products for a year of runway shows from Philip B. Their two looks have to be cohesive but also fashion forward.

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Team Up

Although Sean likes Char, he is not thrilled to be working with Char because she is the weakest sewer of the bunch. She’s making a blue bomber jacket and Sean’s making a long blue trenchcoat. Sean is getting a little overwhelmed and stressed having to help Char so much with her construction.

Amanda is keeping the integrity of the psychedelic yeti by putting it on the back of a jacket. Because of the lack of fabric in their unit, Kini is making a dress made of soccer balls with a bra and a faux-fur jacket.

Surprisingly enough, Korina is actually getting along with Emily. They’re making outerwear so Korina’s making a cape/coat and Emily’s going to do a structured vest with faux-fur trim. She’s especially inspired by a gray herringbone chair.

It’s a Twist

Everyone is surprised to see Tim come into the workroom too early for critiques. He tells the teams that they each have to make a third look. They can send one team member to Mood where they will pick out the fabric that has to be a majority of their third look.

Amanda goes to Mood and picks out a hot pink brocade to make a funky dress as their third look. When Tim comes around for critique, he is not impressed with their collection. He says the soccer ball dress looks like something a teenage hooker would wear. Kini has never gotten this bad of a critique. They decide to re-work the soccer ball dress and make a crop top and cigarette pants of the brocade. Kini also makes a long, seamless black skirt of the tablecloth to go with the psychedelic yeti top.

Sean wants to make a black evening gown with mesh cut-outs and a lampshade skirt for their third look. The gown has a blue racerback for cohesion. Tim is worried about the mesh and the bell-shaped bottom. And on top of that, Sean’s look is dangerously close to exposing his model’s sexy bits.

Korina finds a sweater fabric that she loves at Mood. She’s sticking with their fall/winter collection approach. Tim is worried that Emily’s look is too square in the shoulder, like Spongebob. Emily is confident with her look and decides not to change anything.

Going Once, Going Twice…

Former Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano, joins Nina, Zac (who got a cute little haircut) and Heidi on the judging panel.


Kini and Amanda- Amanda describes their collection as “American pop star in Tokyo.” Everyone is crazy about Kini’s soccer ball dress. Heidi loves the yeti and says this is the most creative group. Christian can see young musicians wearing their clothes.


Emily and Korina- The judges agree that Emily’s look is the strongest of the three. They like the structure and design of her vest. Nina hates Korina’s cape and her sweater. She thinks the design looks dated and it makes her models look old. She also calls Korina out for using the Southwest theme over and over.

Sean and Char- The judges have mixed feelings about this collection as a whole as well. They adore Sean’s long blue jacket but they think Char’s look is boring and hoochie. Christian is not impressed with the mesh cut-outs, he says you can find the same look in any retail store. Zac also tells Sean he should be ashamed of himself for sending a model down the runway who couldn’t even walk in that lampshade dress.

Before they dismiss the designers, the judges ask Emily who she thinks should go home. She says that she stands by what she’s made and she really loves it. She says that however much the judges are opposed to her design, at least her looks are wearable, unlike Sean and Char’s. Usually I just think Korina is being a brat, but the judges asked her opinion so she stood up for herself and gave it to them. I might actually agree with her for once.

The judges agree that Amanda and Kini are the clear winners, but since technically only one person can win (even though they’ve broken that rule this season already), Kini is named the official winner.

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It’s Another Twist

The judges tell Emily and Sean that they are in. Char and Korina are on the bottom, but instead of eliminating one of them, Heidi sends them back to the workroom with one hour to create a new look. They can use any leftover material and their partner from this challenge for help.

Korina is back to her poor attitude from the beginning (I wasn’t on Team Korina for very long… maybe like five minutes). She thinks she’s a much better designer and she can’t believe she even has to prove herself against Char. She also can’t believe that Char is getting yet another chance, after being saved from elimination by Tim Gunn, and then given an extra ten minutes last week to finish her look.

Char is making a fitted blue dress with stretch knit which she thinks will be the easiest to work with in such a short time. Sean doesn’t mind helping her now because it will be “easy sheep to the slaughter” later. I guess Korina isn’t alone with her low respect for Char.

Korina is making a black and white graphic dress with green piping. She makes snide comments about Char that make Emily not want to help her. Emily thinks Korina’s negative energy will be reflected in her dress.

On the runway, Char tells the judges she’s proud of what she’s made. They all agree that it’s great and doesn’t even look like it was made in an hour. Heidi likes the length and the color. Zac loved the drama of the chiffon cape on the runway.

Korina comes out with a bitter attitude, pointing out to Nina that she’s only used that Southwest pattern once and it got her the win. She says she’s proud of the collection she made for the challenge, but not of the dress she just made. She makes excuses about the fabric she had available and you can tell the dresses are not happy with her tone.

In the end, the judges don’t think Korina had a good presentation in either of her showings and Char just made better choices. So Korina is out and Char is in. Char has more lives than a cat in this competition.

Backstage, Korina cannot even contain her bitterness at Char. How could the world of reality TV be this cruel to pretty little Korina? Maybe after watching this, she’ll have learned a valuable lesson about the way she carries herself.

Next week: Eliminated designers return to help the final five. And guess who get paired together? Char and Korina. That can’t end well. 

Project Runway airs every Thursday at 9pm.

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