Last time on The Amazing Race, the remaining five teams hit up Amsterdam, where some of the couples floated down the canals in a hot tub, which I must say looked like a relaxing way to travel. Matt Cucolo and Ashley Gordon, the newly engaged duo of the season, were the final team to arrive at the mat. Phil once again uttered the words that couples in this predicament desperately want to hear: “non-elimination leg.”

It is interesting that the couples who nabbed first, second, and third place on the last leg are all blind date couples. I am not sure why that is, but I think it is a bit surprising. So who will take the lead on this leg of The Amazing Race? Let’s find out!

Birthday Celebration

“Fruits of Our Labor (Peru),” starts with Laura and Tyler, the winners of the previous leg, getting the first clue. Teams are off to explore Trujillo, Peru. Once they arrive they need to find Plaza de Armas and join in a celebration highlighted by fireworks. Also, teams must keep their Fitbit (that they were each given at the beginning of the race) charged because the information may come in handy.

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It is Laura’s birthday, and she is turning the big 30, so she hopes that will bring them a bit of additional luck. (Boy, Tyler at least better spring for a cake.) Laura and Tyler hit up a travel agency, and Blair and Hayley are hot on their heels. Blair and Hayley ask for a sooner flight, and they are given one that arrives earlier than the previous racers. Tyler and Laura hit the town to celebrate her birthday without a care in the world, oblivious that they unknowingly booked a later flight.

Hayley, Blair, Jenny and Jelani will depart that night, giving them a 12 hour lead. Laura and Tyler are not going to be happy campers, and not just because of the hangovers they may be nursing.

Shine in the Sun

The first flight arrives and blind daters, Jenny and Jelani, reach the square first. They get a numbered box of matches labeled 7:00 am from the ceremony’s leader. The teams then must get the clue at their appointed time. Blair and Hayley arrive and see Jenny and Jelani dancing, and Jelani even flips the switch to start the fireworks. I give them props for dancing to a brass band in such a festive manner.

Teams must locate their next clue at Plazuela de Merced at a shoe shine stand. Unable to find the location, couples Haley and Blair and Jenny and Jelani take taxis, but it becomes evident pretty quickly that the cab drivers don’t know where it is either. Jenny and Jelani ask the taxi driver to bring them back where the driver picked them up. While Blair tries to get directions, Hayley becomes vocal that she wants to go back. In fact, I would say angrily vocal. Hayley even tells Blair that, for the rest of this leg, he has to listen to her. What could possibly go wrong?

Sugar Cane Blues

In the meantime, Jelani and Jenny find the stand and get the next clue. Teams must travel by taxi to San Fernando and look for Cuartel number one, and their next clue. It is a Roadblock posing the question, “Who wants to take charge in the field?” Teams must, under the guidance of a sugar cane worker, cut a section of the sugar cane field. When the job is finished, they will receive a bundle of sugar cane along with the next clue. Jenny eagerly volunteers, and is excited that she and Jelani win a Date Night prize. Of course, once she is in her cutting overalls, she realizes just how long the sugar cane row is, and she isn’t pleased. She gets to work feebly hacking away with a machete. 

Hayley also takes up the challenge and Blair hopes that she works out some of her aggression. Jenny finally finishes the sweaty, messy job and gets the next clue. Racers are now headed to Parque Ramon Castilla, where they will pass in their sugar cane in trade for a clue. They must also write down the numbers on their Fitbits before getting in their cabs.

Travel Troubles

The rest of the teams arrive and search for the shoe shine stand. Laura and Tyler are told by someone that it is far away, so they tell that to Matt and Ashley. Both couples grab taxis while Rochelle and Mike get the clue from the shoe shine stand. After some further discussion, Laura tells Tyler that she saw the Speed Bump sign, but no box. Tyler realizes that they are headed in the wrong direction and they hop out of the cab.

Matt and Ashley also realize their mistake and find the Speed Bump next to the shoe shine stand. Ashley and Matt must sit in the street and use an old-fashioned typewriter to type up a loan for a llama. Ashley feels right at home, while Matt doesn’t know how to use the machine. They finish pretty quickly though and continue racing.

As Laura and Tyler are leaving the sugar cane field, they pass Matt and Ashely driving up to it. Tyler states that “Matt and Ashley are toast,” and Laura agrees. Once again, the couple stoops to being catty. Matt tackles the sugar cane field but quickly becomes overwhelmed due to the stress of being last.

Fitbit and Math Equations

Jenny and Jelani reach their destination and must now add their Fitbit data from the other legs to their data from this leg. Once they have done that, they must figure out how many steps they need to take to work off a 576 calorie glass of sugar cane juice. (Who knew math could be a challenge on The Amazing Race?) Once they get their figures correct, they must drink the sugar cane juice to obtain the next clue which is a Detour: Mamas or Papas.

For Mamas, teams must search the market in Otuzco and find the ingredients that Mama needs to make her “Peruvian moonshine.” When they have perform the task correctly, they will win a sample of Mama’s brew, along with the next clue. In Papas, the teams must sort through large piles of potatoes and bag them up by type before transporting them by cab to a marked stall at the potato market. They must put each potato in the correct container to receive their next clue. With so many types of potatoes, this looks almost impossible.

Mama Challenge

Blair and Hayley choose to shop for Mama, and it seems really easy. They visit five shops, obtain the ingredients on the list, and sample some of Mama’s product, which they both enjoy. (Finally, something these two agree on!) The clue is the location to the Pit Stop: Statue Virgen de la Puerta, who is the patron saint of Otuzco.

Laura and Tyler and team Mike and Rochelle also choose Mamas. Rochelle and Mike enjoy their interaction with the Peruvian people, and also the delicious moonshine from Mama.

Papa Challenge

Jenny and Jelani decide to give sorting the potatoes a shot. Although there are only four different types, they look similar to each other. The couple puts their potatoes into the bin at the market. The vendor notices some errors, and the bins tilt and all the potatoes flood all over the ground. Yikes! However, Jenny and Jelani succeed on their second try.

Laura and Tyler are brought to the wrong Detour, so they decide to stay with the potato task. This duo even starts to argue, and Laura can barely lift her bag of potatoes. At the market, Laura and Tyler start rinsing dirt off of the potatoes as they sort them.  When they run out of water, they decide to use their own spit. How gross! It is sort of like karma when their bins are tipped over because of a mistake and Tyler chucks a potato to the ground in frustration. However, this couple also gets it right on their second attempt.

Matt and Ashley show up thinking that they are at the Mamas challenge, only to learn from Laura and Tyler that their driver brought the beleaguered couple to the wrong location. Their driver states that he will bring them to get the list for Mamas. You guessed it – they end up at the potato field. Matt and Ashley share a smile as they look at the cute piglets at the farm while sorting through potatoes.

The First to Arrive

Blair and Hayley are the first team to arrive, and they also win their own Fitbit kit. Good job, guys! They also confess that they are BFF’s, and Phil says that he believes that because of the way that they bicker. Jenny and Jelani claim second place, and share that they are going to be friends for a long while. Rochelle and Mike come in third.

The Last to Arrive

Matt and Ashley are the last team to arrive and are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

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