The most recent episode of American Idol was a big one. Not only did the contestants find out if they’d be going on tour this summer, but we the fans got to say farewell to the Twitter Save for the season. From now on, the finalists don’t get a second chance at being saved; if they have the fewest number of votes, they’re gone.

And considering the fact that Rayvon Owen won the Twitter Save every single time, what happens to him now? At some point during that run, he was bound to have the least amount of votes from America (on more than one occasion, most likely). So does this mean that, without the safety net, he’s gone? Let’s take a look at the remaining singers and their chances of staying, being in danger and going home.

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Definitely Safe

Jax: Two of the best performances of “Arena Anthems” night came from Jax and Clark. With Jax, her first performance, “Are You Gonna Be My Girl,” was quite fun to watch, and it was obvious that she was having a blast as well. But her standout came when she delivered an absolutely beautiful rendition of “White Flag.” Heading back to the piano is where she needed to be right now because it puts her completely in her element and it’s where she truly shines. That performance solidified her spot in the Top 4.

Clark Beckham: Clark’s first performance, “Yesterday,” wasn’t perfect; he seemed uncomfortable at first and there were some sharp notes, but overall, he did a really good job. However, like with Jax, it’s the second performance that made him truly stand out. Clark Beckham and Justin Bieber don’t really go together, but he arranged “Boyfriend” in a way that worked perfectly. It took me a moment to take in what I was experiencing, but once I did, I loved it. He’s not in danger at all.

In the Middle

Jax and Clark are the only two who we can say with certainty are safe, barring some out-of-nowhere shocking results. The rest don’t have that guarantee.

Nick Fradiani: For Nick, a lot of people have said that he’s peaking at just the right time, moving up the ranks at a pretty good pace and doing what needs to be done to even have a chance at breaking up a Clark/Jax finale. He did great with his “Arena Anthems” songs. “Harder to Breathe” really showed how marketable he is, and “Maggie May,” despite not being the most memorable, showed that he can take an older song and not make it seem dated in the way that it could have been with this song.

You never know what might happen with the Bottom 2 (assuming they’ll have one this time); I wouldn’t be shocked if Nick landed in the danger zone, but it seems like his ascent is helping him at a time when Tyanna can be hit or miss.

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In Danger

Tyanna Jones: After the show ended last time, my initial thoughts were that Nick would be joining Rayvon in the Bottom 2. But after reading what others are saying online and thinking about it some more, I can definitely see why Tyanna’s more in danger than Nick. “Party in the USA” was a lot of fun, but for someone who really needs standout performances more than ever right now, a performance like this one isn’t doing her any favors. “Heaven” was a whole lot better. When I wrote down my thoughts after she performed, aside from saying she showcased her vocals beautifully, I also mentioned that there’s the possibility that others wouldn’t be as positive about it, and coming online, I see that’s true. She needs another “Stay”-like performance.

Rayvon Owen: That brings us to Teflon Rayvon. As mentioned, he’s survived all of the Twitter Save votes. That doesn’t mean he has the support needed to take him to the end. If anything, it only proves he doesn’t have the support since he’s always in the Bottom 2 and the only way to save him is through a second-chance vote. “Go Your Own Way” was terrible (aside from that huge falsetto at the end), while “I’m Not the Only One” was the complete opposite. But the thing is, he has also proven that not even a fantastic performance can save him from being in danger.

Elimination Prediction

Rayvon Owen: So, without the Twitter Save, without a strong fan base, and adding in the fact that he ended the night on a weak note with “Go Your Own Way,” the obvious choice is to send Rayvon home.

Who do you predict will be eliminated? Is Rayvon a definite goner now that the Twitter Save is no longer in play? Will Tyanna or even Nick get the boot instead? Or do you foresee a shocking exit? Share your predictions in the comments section below.

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