Things got ugly last week on Survivor: Worlds Apart. But besides the social issues, and there have been plenty, the majority alliance continues to pick off the minority alliance one at a time according to plan. Maybe Mike can shake things up with his idol or convince Dan to use his extra vote to vote with him and Shirin. Let’s get to it.

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Dan and Sierra notice that Mike and Shirin are out on the beach together, probably plotting against them as they speak. Dan says that when Mike blew up at Rodney, he lost everyone’s trust. He says that he’s not playing as passive of a game as one might think and he has his own schemes brewing, although he’s shown nothing to the contrary thus far.

When he sees Shirin looking down, he goes to talk to her. Shirin is still reeling from Will’s personal attacks. Dan seems to be genuine when he tells her he’s sorry for what happened, but in his confessional, he calls Shirin a drama queen, a two-faced liar, and someone who loves to play the victim. He also says that Will making personal attacks on her was karma. I’m glad we’re continuing the hateful theme of this season. I was afraid that it would lessen after last week, but so much for that.

Reward Challenge

In two teams of four, the survivors must use four barrels, two planks and a piece of rope to cross the course. If anyone falls or if the boards drop, they have to start over at the beginning of the section. The winning team gets a boat ride off the coast and cheeseburgers.

The Blue Team is Mike, Shirin, Rodney and Sierra and the Red Team is Will, Carolyn, Dan and Tyler.

The two teams have two different strategies. Mike takes over the Blue Team, essentially handling all of the barrels himself and exerting a ton of energy. Carolyn and Tyler come up with a more logical strategy for the Red Team, which is a bit slower, but in the end more effective.

The Red Team comes out with the win (despite having both Dan and Will). Carolyn is glad to go on a reward with Dan in hopes that they can make him feel more comfortable with their alliance and won’t flip back to Mike.

Dan says he feels bad for Rodney, since he hasn’t gone on a reward, but not bad enough to give him his spot. Shocking.

On the boat, Dan congratulates his team, but mostly himself, for beating Mike. Tyler and Carolyn keep feeding Dan with the nonsense that Mike “went crazy” and they never were going to flip on him, even though it’s not true. But Tyler says one thing that is true: Mike is a threat. And now he’s put a target on his back for pairing up with Shirin.

In his confessional, Tyler says that Dan just doesn’t get it (you think?). But Dan is right where Tyler wants him and that’s focused on the Top Six and not thinking about the end game.


Mike knows that it was his strategy that lost them the challenge, but he doesn’t feel too bad about it since he’s already public enemy number one. Well, maybe number two, after the last chicken, who they decide to eat while the others are away.

Rodney’s going a little stir crazy on the beach having not been on a single reward. Sierra tries to talk strategy with him. She says they need to get Tyler out because he’s the biggest threat to win because he’s so good at challenges and strategizing. Rodney doesn’t want to even think about getting rid of anyone but Shirin and Mike yet though. But he’s not worried, because as far as he’s concerned, he’s running this game.

Immunity Challenge

It’s another endurance challenge. This time, the survivors have to hold onto a rope attached to a bag that contains 25 percent of their body weight. When the weight drops, a bucket of water also drops and they’re out. And a twist! The last man and last woman standing will each receive immunity.

Sierra is the first lady out so it’s between Shirin and Carolyn. Shirin can’t hold on and Carolyn wins for the ladies. Darn; I was really hoping Shirin could pull this out. It would be great if the two on the bottle were both immune tonight.

Tyler is the first person out for the men followed shortly by Dan and Will. So it’s an epic showdown between Rodney and Mike, with Dan whispering “motivations” to Rodney from next to him (I thought it was creepy and annoying, but hey it seemed to work for Rodney). But not even Dan can will Rodney to defeat Mike. He wins his second immunity in a row.

Loser Camp

Carolyn assures everyone in her alliance that tonight will be an easy vote for Shirin.

Shirin still tries to appeal to Dan, who can’t help but act like a rude ape while she’s speaking to him by spitting and shaking out his shoes. Shirin says they’re making a stupid mistake by voting her out instead of Tyler, who is a legit threat to win this game.

She tries the same argument on Sierra, who seems to want to get Tyler out too, but she knows she’s only one vote. She doesn’t think she’ll be able to get anyone else to vote with her.

The fact that Dan has an advantage, but no one knows what it is, has been bugging Tyler. So he steals Dan’s bag and brings it by Tree Mail to investigate it. He tells Carolyn what it is and that makes him nervous. He’s worried that Dan will realize what a threat he is and will go back with Mike and Shirin. That’s giving Dan way too much credit.

Mike tries to talk to Dan again, but once again, it’s like talking to a brick wall. Mike is disappointed to find out that someone, who he considered to be a true ally, is really showing his true colors and he doesn’t care for what he sees. Mike considers using his idol for Shirin tonight to get one of the biggest threats in the game. But he’s going to make the decision based on his long-term game. 

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Tribal Council

Jeff talks about the blow-up at the last Tribal. Shirin says that it was hurtful that Will personally attacked her and how everyone else just stood by. She talks about not really having a family back home and how this experience is different for her than the others. Dan says, it’s not that different for him because he’s an adopted child. Even Jeff calls him out on his BS. He says that those being a victim of domestic abuse and being an adopted child are two completely different things.

Anyway, Will still refuses to apologize to Shirin. Jeff questions that logic, considering when she is on the jury she could take $1 million away from him. He says that if he’s going to apologize, he wants it to be sincere, which it’s not. Wow, Will, you’re almost as bad at Survivor as you are at life. Keep doing you.

Shirin takes that moment to change the subject. She says the tribe is about to make a big mistake by voting her out instead of Tyler, who is the biggest threat in the game. She says everyone wants to follow the numbers instead of taking a risk to take control of the game. Sierra points out that she’s just one vote and Shirin says then she’s not as powerful in her alliance as she might have thought.

Mike makes a plea to the former “blue collars” to write Tyler’s name down. He says he’s been loyal to the “blue collars” and that’s what he’s asking of them tonight. Tyler says that the strong six just has to be patient and sit back and do the right thing for their alliance to get to the top.

Before the vote, Mike takes out his hidden immunity idol. He says he’s playing it for Shirin and she’s voting for Tyler. But he’s throwing his vote at someone else, so everyone else better vote Tyler or it could be him.

Genius! But is he bluffing? Turns out he is. He doesn’t play the idol for Shirin and she gets voted out. But Tyler and Dan each got two votes. Which I have a feeling Dan is going to be none too happy about next week.

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