I am finding this season of The Amazing Race very entertaining. I like the personalities of the competitors (for the most part, but someone has to be sort of nasty, right?) as well as the challenges and locations. With six teams left, you can bet that the teams are going full throttle for the remaining legs.

Misti and Jim finished in first place in Sicily (again), followed by Kym and Allison and Maya and Amy. Te Jay and Tim were the last team to reach the mat, but are still in the game as it was a non-elimination leg of The Amazing Race. So who will take the lead this time? Let’s find out!

Where is Malta?

“Hot Sexy Knights” starts off in Sicily, but where will the teams head to next? Misti and Jim, the married dentists with the gleaming white teeth, get the first clue, and the racers are headed to Malta. Once they arrive, they must go to the Bridge Bar and carry a heavy tray of drinks up St. Persala’s staircase and serve the Knights of Malta to receive their next clue. Jim is already bragging about how they have won four legs of the race, and he is ready for win number five. At least success hasn’t gone to his head!

Amy, one of the food scientists, is nursing a leg injury from an overly ambitious workout routine, but is determined not to let that affect her performance. In an act of sympathy for Amy, Brooke makes fun of her limping gait.

Plotting and Planning

Brooke has a hatred of Kym and Alli because they like to hang solo and do their own thing. So, Brooke proposes double U-turning the cyclists. Everyone is on board with this except for Bethany, who expresses concerns because she only wants to use a U-turn if absolutely necessary.

The steps are tough in the darkness, and teams must also hold the heavy trays above their shoulder. If they break something, they must clean it up and go back to the bar. Jim doesn’t even make it past the door before he drops two glasses. Hilarious!

Good Knights

Bethany and Adam reach the knights, but Bethany breaks her glasses before she can serve them. Kym and Alli are the first to successfully reach the knights, and would like to get drunk with them. I love this team! Once the knights have been given their drinks, teams must find the boat house at the Zurriec Valley Sea Inlet to find the next clue box.

When Kym and Alli snag a taxi, Brooke and Robbie ask them if their cabbie can call another taxi. Alli tells them that they will call, but Brooke doesn’t believe her. Kym doesn’t understand why Alli is trying to help the other team. Alli then tells her taxi driver to cancel the other taxi. Can’t we all just get along, people? Meanwhile, Maya and Amy finally serve the knights on their sixth attempt.

Brooke and Robbie continue to demonstrate how, once again on this leg, they will have trouble finding a taxi as other teams have no problem. Perhaps karma is at play, Brooke?

Camping Out is Fun

Kim and Alli and Tim and Te Jay find six hanging medallions marked with either 7:30 or 7:45 am. Teams grumble about camping out on the concrete with the bugs, critters and dirt. When morning dawns, the teams receive their clues. It is a Roadblock at Malta’s famous Blue Grotto. Teams have to rappel 20 stories down the cliff and into the grotto, where they will meet their teammate and swim into the grotto to get the next clue. Misti takes the lead in the first group to rappel, and it looks pretty scary to me. Brooke notices that Kym and Alli have gotten to the clue first, and she hopes to put her evil U-turn plan in motion.

Choosing Blindly

Teams are headed to the Church of St. Scholastica and Monastery for the next Detour. Teams must now blindly choose a Detour: “Flag” or “Shine.” Wow, so the racers have no hint about the challenge they are choosing. In “Flag,” teams must play a game that dates back to the Middle Ages, and involves running on a greasy pole to get a flag at the end. Each team member must capture a flag and then fall into the sea underneath. Who invented this game, and why?

Te Jay and Tim go the flag challenge before realizing that they never saw their Speed Bump. They finally find the clue box, and their Speed Bump involves painting a Maltese cross on a shield.

Shine on

Misti and Jim realize that they never saw the markings for a different Detour challenge, so they head back to see what the other choice involves. Soon, Alli and Kym give up on the Flag challenge and head to the other Detour.

“Shine” requires the duos to shine pieces of armor being worn by their teammate. Once they get the knight’s approval, they can race on. There is plenty of complaining about how long the task will take. Bethany and Adam check out the Flag challenge, but ultimately decide to use their Express Pass. They are on to the Pit Stop: Fort Manoel.

Bad Choices

Tim and Te Jay and Amy and Maya attempt the Flag challenge. Much to their frustration, Maya and Amy have to switch challenges because Amy cannot run across the plank to the pole. At the Shine challenge, the dentists are cheerful, and Brooke is complaining to Robbie that they are in last place — again. Robbie offers Brooke the opportunity to quit and try the other Detour, and she agrees. It is a bit baffling, because it seems like they are making progress getting the rust off the armor.

Misti and Jim finish the Shine task first, and set off for the Pit Stop. Back at the Flag challenge, Tim is having trouble dealing with his fear of heights and reaching the flag. Once Brooke and Robbie arrive, the wrestlers feel like they may have made a mistake in changing activities. They each fall off the pole once before heading back to the Shine challenge, leaving Tim to continue on his lonely quest to nab a red flag.

After trying over 20 times, Tim admits defeat and they head off to the Shine Detour. Robbie and Brooke finally finish the challenge, and they manage to find a taxi, but it has Tim and Te Jay’s bags in it, so they have to find another cab.

The Pit Stop

Bethany and Adam meet Phil at the mat and capture first place. They also each win a cool $10,000 prize. Congrats, Adam and Bethany! Jim and Misti grab second place, and Kym and Alli take third place.

The Last to Arrive…

Tim and Te Jay are the last team to reach Phil, and have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

The Amazing Race airs Friday at 8 pm on CBS

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