Last week, Chris March was sent home after a heinous creation for the Wicked challenge. This week Nina Garcia returns, much to the joy (or irritation) of the all stars.

The designers meet Nina Garcia at the Hearst Building which is the headquarters for Marie Claire. She tells them with the help from Zales executive staff that their next challenge is going to be inspired by Zales’ Past, Present and Future line of jewelry. The designers have to make a party dress that includes their own journey of love with elements from their past, present and future relationships. There’s a $100 budget and the winner of the challenge will win a Zales gift card worth $10,000 and a custom made pendant worth $15,000.

Most of the designers are worried about seeing Nina again. The last time Jay saw her is when he was eliminated right before Fashion Week. Dmitry says the only people who are worried about seeing Nina are “people who suck.”

Everybody Say Love

Justin immediately thinks about his boyfriend. They’ve gone through so much in the last five years. He tells Zanna that he didn’t think he was capable of love because he didn’t want to be a burden to a partner. He says communication is key in his relationship and his boyfriend took it upon himself to learn sign language. He uses the sign for “I love you” as a hand-painted print on his dress. I’m not saying I cried after Justin told his story, but things did get a little misty.

Sonjia is finally engaged after being with a bunch of losers. She’s picked a deep red lace to represent her heart being caged in and guarded before she gave it away for good. Zanna is worried it looks a little too matronly. She decides to put a cobalt blue dress under the red lace to make it seem more hip.

Helen gets emotional talking about her garment as well. Her past relationship was long and rocky and on-again/off-again. She’s making a dress in red which to her represents her confidence and self-worth. There are a lot of curves to the dress to represent emotional ups and downs.

Gunnar is just recently single, to the point where this challenge seems particularly upsetting to him since he’s still raw from the breakup. It’s hard to watch and I really feel for Gunnar. Zanna likes the red on his top but she thinks it needs to be more fashion forward.

Ben’s last relationship was tumultuous as well so he offers some support to Gunnar. He went straight to gold fabric (as opposed to everyone else’s reds and pinks). He’s making strappy details in the back to represent how he felt caged, but now it’s behind him.

Dmitry is taking a lot of risks with this challenge. He’s working with vinyl and neoprene, which is new to him. He’s single and ready to meet that special person. The big ruffles on the bottom represent his exciting future. Zanna tells him it looks cheap though, so he has to figure out a way to make it look more expensive. She suggests lessening the spaces in the cut-outs.

Kate is really missing her husband so she wants this garment to be like a love note to him. She’s making a babydoll dress (since they’ve known each other since pre-school) with lace detail and sleeves. Zanna says it looks like a maternity dress so Kate decides she needs to re-design.

Michelle got divorced from the husband we met on her season, but she’s already engaged again so she’s working on this pink number with thick straps. Fabio is in an open relationship and thus making this pastel pink dress with a pretty Southwestern print. Jay’s been with his partner for 10 years and since they’re always on the same page, there’s a lot of symmetry in his look. And Sam is making a neon yellow dress that represents her optimistic view of love.

All You Need is Love

The judges this week are Isaac, Alyssa, Nina (sitting in for Georgina), fashion blogger Danielle Bernstein, and two time Project Runway winner Seth Aaron Henderson.

Before the judges even announce who is in the top and bottom, Alyssa tells them that Zales was so impressed with everyone’s looks that they want to give each designer a $1,000 gift card. That’s cute. Everyone can get a birthstone now.


Sonjia- Isaac says it’s so beautiful and the back is divine. Nina thinks it’s edgy and hip and Alyssa loves silhouette.

Helen- Nina says the dress has a lot of presence and she loves the sleeve. Alyssa says it’s tragically romantic and Isaac says the neckline looks new and interesting.

Dmitry- Nina loves Dmitry, so of course she gets very excited about it and even compares it to a Ferrari. She says it’s sharp, fiery, sexy and impeccable. Isaac doesn’t love the flounce in the back but Nina disagrees.


Gunnar- Isaac likes the irony in the way that the dress is heart-shaped, but he says he was really off with his asymmetry. Danielle says it’s a mess and the back is not flattering.

Ben- Nina likes that Ben chose a gold fabric, but all of the judges agree that the handkerchief hemline is just bad. Nina says the blue underneath that looks like lining is showing by mistake. Alyssa says it looks like a dance costume.

Kate- Danielle and Seth Aaron like the detail on the top, but the bottom is messy and unfinished. Nina says the color is so dull and Isaac says he doesn’t even think it’s a color, but more of a neutral.

Helen is the winner of the challenge and the winner of the Zales badda-bling gift card. It’s down to Gunnar and Kate in the bottom two and Kate just runs out of chances. She’s eliminated for her third time. She does say it hurts a little less this time, but she still knows who she is as a designer.

Next week: The designers get to travel to London! So until then, mind the gap!

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