Hell’s Kitchen is now down to nine chefs with the departure of Steve and Frank. Does that mean we’re down to the cream of the crop? Considering the egos left, the chefs still don’t understand what makes a good leader. To lead, you must listen. Who left in the kitchen really listens?

The Dorm Life

The chefs leave the kitchen for the dorms and the Red Team is depressed. They know they can’t make any more mistakes. The Blue Team’s Aaron is determined to earn the prize but Bryant thinks Aaron is crazy. With pressure building, can any of them survive?

The Challenge

Ramsay asks the chefs what country would they like to visit. While no one chooses India, Ramsay’s challenge will deal with Indian cuisine. After a Bollywood-style dance routine in the Hell’s Kitchen restaurant, the chefs must decide which of four ingredients they will use. They must choose either pork, cod, lamb or chicken. With one chef (Roe and Aaron) from each team making choices on the garnish, you know they will choose the best ingredients for themselves. The rest make suggestions but Aaron isn’t listening. It’s like he’s sinking his team.

Joining Ramsay in judging today is Chef Sachin Chopra. Each dish will be judged on a score of one to five. One is the worse and five the best. Each dish comes up and while some get a good score, most do not. Aaron has worked with Indian cuisine but is beat by LaTasha’s lamb. It looks like the Blue Team will win when Jennifer goes against Fernando in the last round. Jennifer has had no clue what Indian cuisine means, yet she does win the round. It’s a tie, so Ramsay chooses the best dish — which happens to be Jennifer’s.

The Red Team will have day at Willow Spa which will include massages, facials, pedicures and acupuncture. The Blue Team will prep the kitchens and clean the restaurant. Sade isn’t happy about it and really wanted the day out.

Service for the Night in Hell’s Kitchen

The Blue Team is not getting along so they are happy when Ramsay arrives and has a heart-to-heart with Sade. Wait! He’s not complaining. Ramsay is offering encouragement. Boy, the guys were wrong!

Marino opens the doors to the guests which includes a member of ZZ Top (not Duck Dynasty). While the Blue Team gets the first order, they mess up the scallops, as usual. The Red Team quickly gets their orders out and it’s Sterling’s time to shine on risotto. He even makes up a rap about his cooking. The Blue Team needs someone to take the blame as the fish station seems to be failing at every turn.

Both teams move on to entrees after a small fire breaks out at Roe’s station. Maybe that fire was intentional because the Red Team with LaTasha and Roe on meat and fish is burning service up. Dish after dish is going out with little problems, impressing Ramsay. The Blue Team is failing but do finally get their act together and get the food out to the diners. Both teams complete dinner service.

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The Winners Are

The Red Team wins dinner service on Hell’s Kitchen Indian night and Ramsay congratulates them on their communication skills during service. The Blue Team must come up with two names that deserve to be nominated for elimination.

In the dorms, Bryant isn’t going down for the service. Aaron admits he had a bad night. Bryant and Aaron are going at it in the dorms, with neither wanting to leave. Bryant is determined to stay at all costs. Is violence brewing in the dorms as Bryant takes on everyone? He definitely doesn’t understand team work. Bryant is convinced that he won’t be leaving the kitchen that night.

Ramsay asks Santos for nominations. Santos tells Ramsay that the first nominee is Aaron because of his peaks and valleys and lack of consistency. The second nominee is Bryant because of the blowing up and losing it in the dorms. Ramsay doesn’t take the dorm life into consideration but still calls the two forward.

Bryant feels he is a great chef and he tells Ramsay he can lead. Aaron tells Ramsay that winning Hell’s Kitchen won’t bring him closer his goal of being a Michelin chef. He’s sinking himself. Aaron wants more education and Ramsay sees that Aaron isn’t going to fight for a place in Hell’s Kitchen for the season.

Aaron leaves Hell’s Kitchen to continue his education. Aaron tells us that Hell’s Kitchen is more difficult than any situation he has ever been in before. Ramsay tells the remaining chefs he has never had a chef quit in all the years of the show. The others think Aaron is stupid and they express their opinions.

Next Week on Hell’s Kitchen:

Ramsay delivers a message about the competition pitting chefs against chefs. Bryant has a plan to take out the entire Blue Team. While it looks like it may work, will Ramsay see through it?

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