Last week on Survivor, Jon and Jaclyn made the choice to align with Jeremy, Missy and Baylor and vote out Josh. Now that the lines are clearly drawn in the sand, it’s time to see how all those rude boys on Josh’s old alliance react.

After Tribal Council, Reed is doing about as well as can be expected. He’s furious that Josh is gone and that he’s on his own now. He’s not sure who to turn to next yet.

Jon feels bad for leading Josh on, but his instinct told him to vote with Jeremy after the other alliance was disrespecting Jaclyn while he was gone. And if he’s learned anything from watching the show over the years, it’s to trust his instincts. He just hopes no one hates him.

Keith may not hate Jon, but he’s not too pleased with him. He says he’s been lying for 18 days. He reminds us in his confessional that he has an idol, but there’s no way he plays that responsibly, right?

Reward Challenge

The survivors divide into two teams. On Blue is Wes, Jaclyn, Jon, Missy and Keith and Yellow is Reed, Natalie, Jeremy, Baylor and Alec. One player from each team will go one-on-one for a face off on a wobbly beam where the two players will try to knock each other off. First team to knock off five opposing players wins.

The teams pretty much keep it even through the first couple of rounds. Reed takes a cheap shot at Wes but then Wes slaps mud into his eye so I guess that works itself out. Keith beats Alec, who is probably half his age.

It’s tied at 4-4 when Baylor and Missy go up against each other for the final round. In the round before, Baylor pushed her mom into the mud. And she does so again for the final round to win the Yellow team reward of an afternoon on a yacht with sandwiches and cocktails.

Before they can traipse off, Natalie asks Jeff if she can give up her spot on the reward. Both she and Jeremy let Jon and Jaclyn take their places. Natalie says that at Tribal Council, she was worried about what was going to happen. This is a way for her to show she’s loyal to them and she’ll show them the same respect they showed their alliance. Jon and Jaclyn are so happy they’re close to tears. What a smart move from Natalie. If she makes it to the end, this could definitely translate into some jury votes.

The Yellow team sends Jeremy to Exile Island. Baylor says that they think there’s an idol there and they want to make sure someone from their alliance gets it.

Jon and Jaclyn can’t stop thanking Jeremy and Natalie when they’re on the yacht. Reed is bitter that they’re on the reward when they didn’t win. He also sees right through Natalie. He intends to stir up a bit of chaos before the next Tribal Council to make Natalie seem like less of a saint.


In her confessional, Natalie admits that her decision was purely strategic. She wants to know that she can count on Jon and Jac going forward, and she wants them to know they can trust her. She also thinks that it will be something she can use as leverage in the future.

Wes tips his proverbial cap to Natalie. He thinks it was a huge move and now there’s no hope of flipping Jon and Jaclyn back to their side. He just asks that Natalie tell him if he’s the next to go so he doesn’t get hashtag blindsided. Keith admits that he just hopes he gets an idea of when he needs to play his idol for either himself or Wes.

When they get back from reward, Jon is worried about everyone finding out that he has an idol. He’s not sure what to do. He doesn’t want people to think he’s a liar, but he knows that people know that Jeremy’s not stupid.

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Exile Island

Jeremy indeed does not find the already found idol. He wastes a lot of energy and time looking for it. When he can’t find it, he is convinced that Jon already has it.

Besides not having the idol, Jeremy has a rough go of it on Exile Island where there’s no shelter and he has to sleep on rocks next to a fire and lots of scuttling crabs. It takes a lot out of him and he feels like he’s been hit by a train.

Immunity Challenge

For the first time ever, the survivors have to compete for immunity using only their feet. They have to unspool a rope, drop blocks into a basket, and stack their bricks and put a flag in the middle to win.

Everyone looks so stupid using their feet. Keith, Reed and Jeremy get off to a quick start. But they can’t hold onto the lead. Baylor beats them all. Reed is especially disappointed and he thinks he’s going home next.

Loser Camp

Just because he thinks he’s out doesn’t mean Reed isn’t going to cause some trouble. He finds Keith’s bag and goes through it. In it, he finds the hidden immunity instructions, which is what comes with the idol upon discovery. He tells Jaclyn and Missy about it. He says if they want to flush the idol out, they have his vote.

Jeremy tells Natalie that he thinks Jon has the idol. He wants Jon to tell him he has it or catch him in a lie. Jon doesn’t fall for it, but Jeremy pushes him just enough to make him nervous. He tells Missy that he trusts her enough to confide in her that he does have the idol, but he wants to get Jeremy out. Missy is wary at first, because she’s been in an alliance with Jeremy since the beginning. But this may be the right time to get Jeremy out. She also thinks they might be able to flush the idol too by voting for Keith.

Tribal Council

Jeremy starts running his mouth right away about how important trust is with an alliance. He expresses how awesome it was of him to give up his reward for Jon and Jaclyn and Jaclyn does agree that that was very nice, and it reassured them they made the right choice.

Reed says that wasn’t exactly selfless though. It cements trust, sure, but it’s also self-serving. Jeff says it’s as good a move you can make in this game because it’s win-win.

Jeff also points out that it’s Day 24 and no one has played an idol yet. Missy says that no one should be comfortable in their own skin in this game, and whoever seems confident may only be so because they have an idol. Jaclyn says she thinks Keith or Wes may have one because they never talk strategy with her. They bring up last week’s argument about the boys being disrespectful toward Jaclyn. And not surprisingly, Wes and Keith are still unable to grasp what they’re talking about.

Time to vote! Keith, Wes and Alec vote for Reed. Jeremy and Natalie vote for Keith. And Missy, Baylor, Jon, Jaclyn and Reed vote Jeremy. So Jeremy is blindsided, and the next member of the jury.

I have to say that I’m pretty relieved that Jeremy is out. He was a big threat, sure, but he was also paranoid, power-hungry and condescending. Have fun at Ponderosa, Jer.

Next week: Hell hath no fury like a Natalie scorned!

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