This week, we discovered that Kim is on a combination of strong medications that make her appear drunk, tired, and nuts. Adrienne’s husband, Paul, suggested Kim consult her psychiatrist or physician to re-evaluate this combination of meds. I say don’t see a physician. I’ve got all the meds the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills need right here at the BuddyTV Pharmacy.


This clinical strength jealousy inhibitor makes your social interactions less strained. Instead of coveting your neighbor’s possessions, Jealousec enables you to feel good about the millions in assets you already have. Everyone will be jealous of YOU with Jealousec.

Side effects may include: dizziness, nausea, word vomit, and shameless bragging.


Gets you out of any boring situation through incessant talking. This inhibitions limiter takes any party to the next level. You’ll never go bored again!

Side effects may include: verbal diarrhea, acting out situations that never happened, headaches. Do not take while pregnant, nursing, or if your psychic has suggested you may become pregnant.


Get the energy you need to point to your heart’s desire! Nothing emphasizes a statement like pointing while you say it. Don’t reach for the stars, POINT at them, with Pointicil.

If your pointing lasts for more than four hours, consult a doctor.


It’s not that big a deal, is it? Minimase allows you to make the least out of any important situation. See grander situations for their petty details. Sweat the small stuff, with Minimase*

*Best when used with Maximase.

Side effects include: blurred vision, weight gain, and loss of friends.


No, it’s a really big deal. Make a big deal out of everything that matters even remotely to you! Maximase helps you “go there” when you need to, and sometimes when you don’t.

Side effects include: paranoia, leaking details to the press, speaking loudly, and watery eyes. Do not consume Maximase while smoking an electronic cigarette.


This topical treatment keeps your skin looking young, and your secrets deep, deep, deep within your pores. Those secrets will never get out. Never.

Side effects may include: redness, tight lips, and deadness of the soul. Discontinue use if you develop a rash or experience a burning sensation similar to eternal hellfire.

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