Tonight we lose another contestant on The X Factor. Will The Stereo Hogzz find themselves in the bottom once again? Will there be a huge upset, meaning we say goodbye to a fan favorite? Will Nicole Scherzinger sacrifice herself … I’m sorry. Got carried away.

The Final 11 – “Save the World Tonight” by Swedish House Mafia
I really don’t understand why all of these types of shows make their contestants sing as one big group. They aren’t competing as one group, so what’s the use? Of course everyone sounds like individual artists and no one meshes together to sound … well … good.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee! It’s a montage of last night’s performances! Hold on tight!

First Special Guest Performance: Willow Smith – “Fireball”
Was anyone else excited to “whip their hair back and forth?” Oh, well…

Second Special Guest Performance: Jessie J – “Domino”
Russell Brand needs to run get his wife offstage. I’m somewhat of a fan of Jessie J’s, but why does she have to merge Katy Perry and Lady Gaga together to say she has her own style? Just sing.

Dear X Factor Producers,
May I make a suggestion? Could we maybe have a performance then send some contestants through and THEN have the second performance? There is nothing wrong with mixing business and pleasure.

Big fan,
Jilliane Johnson

P.S. Please, inform Nicole that I talk about her with good intentions. Thanks!

Now it’s really time to get to business, sloppily, but it’s done all the same.

Going through are:
Stacy Francis
Melanie Amaro
Marcus Canty
LeRoy Bell
Rachel Crow
Josh Krajcik
Chris Rene

The Stereo Hogzz and Lakoda Rayne are both at risk of going home. They must have a sing-off. Look forward for Paula’s river of tears.

Lakoda Rayne – “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
Wait… they are sporting parachute pants, a feather boa and boots. Is that in right now? The style is most impressive, I’m sorry. Someone is still flat. The theatrics are too over-the-top, attempting to really sell it so they won’t be sent home.

The Stereo Hogzz – “You Are Not Alone” by Michael Jackson
A simple song worked by strong harmonies. It’s a classic performance. Four guys standing in nicely tailored suits, showcasing their vocal talents. Why are these guys in the bottom two again? The only difference I would make is that each guy has a chance to shine.

Eliminated: The Stereo Hogzz

It was a very rough one. L.A. and Nicole both vote for The Stereo Hogzz to leave. Paula has a hissy fit and begs and pleads to forfeit her vote. Doing this, though, would automatically send the Houston boys home. So she changes her mind and votes for Lakoda Rayne to go home. All this effort fails when Simon gives the 3rd vote for The Stereo Hogzz elimination. Personally, I find this ridiculous. The girls have struggled since day one to find their identity and sound good.

By the way, what happens if Lakoda Rayne is eliminated next week? Do we also say goodbye to Paula?

Leave your comments below, X Fanatics. Tell me what you think of tonight’s elimination and anything else you want me to know. Don’t forget to tune in next Wednesday night for a brand new live show of The X Factor.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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Jilliane Johnson

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