Amani and Marcus are first to depart on a flight to Lilongwe, Africa. Bill and Cathi are somehow in second, followed by Ernie and Cindy. The first three teams are super excited. Justin and Jennifer, not so much. But the energy picks up with Andy and Tommy. Let’s hope Laurence is in a better mood this time! Jeremy and Sandy are 8 months into dating but still “figuring out what this relationship is all about.” What a promising sign.

All seven teams are on the same flight to South Africa, successfully evening out the playing field yet again. The first stop is at the tobacco warehouse. Bill and Cathi are last to get away from the airport, probably because Cathi fell down some more.

For the first Road Block, team members must steer 10 heavy bales of tobacco through the warehouse with a dolly. It looks like the men in the male-female teams are taking this on, and Sandy notes that “Jeremy does not know what he’s doing.” Can you feel the love tonight?

It seems like Jeremy is having a grand old time, though. The workers at the tobacco warehouse are jut happy to have a break and watch a bunch of idiots try to do a fraction of their job. Amani and Marcus and Bill and Cathi get stuck in some sort of engagement parade? They hope to make up time later.

Cindy notes that there’s a lot of happiness and energy in Lilongwe. It is pretty astounding. Bill and Cathi finally arrive and Bill notes that, “when it’s time to cut the hay, it’s time to cut the hay.” Meanwhile, Jennifer observed that the warehouse smells, “like my dad.”

They’re all dressed the same, so it was hard to tell, but it seems like no one made up any time during this Road Block. Jeremy and Sandy arrived first and finished first, then head to Memorial Tower for a Detour.

“All Sewn Up” or “Not Grown Up” are the names of each game. Teams will have to manually sew a suit jacket and pants, or build two toy trucks using scraps. I wonder how secretly difficult these will be! Ernie and Cindy choose the sewing one, but Justin knows that sewing machines are “notoriously tricky.” Plus you get to see some cute kids! It seems like everyone except Ernie and Cindy and Bill and Cathi are choosing to build toy trucks.

Bill and Cathi made up some time pushing that tobacco around, and all the warehouse workers rally around Marcus as he finally finishes the Road Block.

“I don’t think this will be difficult at all,” Cathi says about the “All Sewn Up” Detour. The other teams seem to be approaching the truck building the same way. I’m surprised that Amani and Marcus chose the sewing task. And Laurence, who is turning into kind of a dick, is surprised to see that Jeremy and Sandy didn’t choose the sewing.

“I thought you’d have gone to the sewing machines, my dear,” says poor, clueless, vaguely chauvinistic Laurence. Then he warned Jeremy against marrying Sandy because she can’t sew. What if she can’t bake a pie, either?! Then he’s really f***ed!

It looks like the sewing is the way harder than the truck building. The sewing machines are ancient and difficult to maneuver. Ernie and Cindy are plugging away, though, and it looks like Cathi is just totally killing it. Good luck, Amani and Marcus!

Jeremy and Sandy are first to finish the Detour, and they head to R-K Furniture Shop. Sandy gives the soccer a quick pass and tells Jeremy he has to enjoy some of this. Andy and Tommy are next to fly out of there, with the ease they have had throughout the whole race.

At R-K Furniture Shop, teams have to transport two heavy, handcrafted beads to Kumbali Village. At least they don’t have to carry them the entire way.

Andy and Tommy take a truck before Jeremy and Sandy, giving Jeremy a reason to throw another fit. He just won’t get over it. Laurence and Zac didn’t read their clue again, and ask to put their beds in a cab. They figured it out and commandeered a truck soon enough, though.

Jeremy and Sandy continue to bicker on foot, while carrying the heavy beds. But the people who are really screwed are Amani and Marcus, whose taxi broke down as they were following the truck with their beds.

Justin and Jennifer land on the mat first, followed by Andy and Tommy. Justin and Jennifer didn’t pay their truck driver, so they have to go back and do so. Andy and Tommy are in first yet again.

Bill and Cathi get out of their truck and Bill says, “I assume you have to pay the driver,” to which Cathi responds, “only if he asks.” Wow, Cathi, I did not see that coming! At least Jeremy and Sandy, who Bill and Cathi passed, paid their driver and won’t suffer a penalty. Jennifer tells Bill and Cathi’s driver, “you need to holler at your people.” But Bill and Cathi are long gone.

Justin and Jennifer check in second, Jeremy and Sandy in third. Bill and Cathi are sent back to pay their driver. Laurence and Zac check in fourth, and we’ll learn more about Laurence next week. Amani and Marcus see Bill and Cathi going the other way after paying their driver, but the beds are heavy, and they check in seventh. But again, it’s a non-elimination leg (we’ve had a lot of those this season), and Amani and Marcus get to sleep on the beds they carried.

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