The Real Housewives of New Jersey are getting a lot of attention from the tabloids by doing what they do best: fighting (I know–you thought it was singing). Teresa Giudice, Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo grace the cover of this week’s edition of In Touch magazine in a photo that depicts much happier times when they all used to like (if not like, then at least tolerate) each other.

The cover blasts the headline “The Secrets that Could Ruin Them” with enough dirty laundry to go around for all three of the housewives. The juiciest of the rumors is that Jacqueline met her husband Chris Laurita while she was working as an exotic dancer in Las Vegas.

“Sorry to disappoint, but there is no truth to that,” Jacqueline told the Huffington Post. She claims that she is not trying to hide her secret past, simply that there isn’t one to hide. She also went into a detailed explanation of how she and Chris met, saying that she was a single mom working as a beautician and part time convention-model at that time.

Jacqueline does, however, have an idea of where the rumors originated from. “My insiders tell me Teresa and Danielle [Staub] did that.” She also said on her Twitter that Teresa had a seven cover contract with In Touch magazine, insinuating that her ex BFF is stirring the pot for extra cash.

Teresa responded by tweeting, “So I put out a story that bashes ME? Crrazzyy…I don’t play crazy Twitter games & threaten people, but I have to defend myself on this one. I don’t have a ‘contract’ with any magazine.”

She also responded to the magazine cover and the accusations of spreading stripper rumors, “I saw the In Touch mag this week. I’M on the cover WITH Jac & Caroline for our ‘secrets.’ Don’t like the story. Had nothing to do with it.”

There it is: straight from the Fabulicious horse’s mouth.

(Image courtesy of In Touch)

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