Week 6 brought us something new on Dancing with the Stars season 13: instead of an even spread of judges’ scores, the seven remaining competitors seemed to fall into three clumps. That makes things almost easy for those of us who like to predict the outcomes on DWTS‘ Tuesday nights.

Still, we usually get things wrong here. Let’s see if we can change that!

Most Likely to Go
Chaz Bono (score =19)
Chaz had the lowest score of the night — and that was with the judges being fairly generous. Phantom of the Opera was a terrible choice for the man’s style (he’s all personality, so why hide it under a mask?), and the dance reflected that.

Hope Solo (score = 20)
While Hope was woefully under-scored (Only 1 point above Chaz? Honestly?), she still didn’t do that great. The performance was not memorable, and Hope failed to display the charisma she regularly shows off the dance floor.

Most Deserving of Elimination
Chaz Bono
It seems almost pointless right now to focus on how much Chaz Bono ought to be eliminated from Dancing with the Stars. He can’t dance. Lacey flat-out admitted that she’s been carrying him so far. The remaining competitors all have a legitimate shot at the finals, whereas Chaz would be totally out of place there.

Still, considering Chaz Bono’s voter support and considering Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s anti-Len tantrum last night, my money would be on a Hope Solo elimination.

Should Be Worried
David Arquette (score = 23)

David did well in Broadway week, and the judges were happy. Still, it wasn’t the exuberant and exciting Broadway display that fans might have hoped for. David’s been in jeopardy before, and while this probably isn’t his week to leave, the worry remains.

Nancy Grace (score = 24)
With the third-highest score of the night, Nancy should be fine. Plus, she did a Monty Python performance. How could anyone vote that off? Still, high-scorers have gone home already in season 13, and Nancy’s oft-seen bad attitude in rehearsal footage might be a turn-off for some.

Rob Kardashian (score = 22)
Although the judges did not score Rob and Cheryl highly, their dance was actually pretty good. It may not have been super-Latin, but it was fun and well-executed. Rob’s not just riding on the Kardashian name at this point, but it still helps.

Probably Safe… For Now…
Ricki Lake (score = 29)
After last week’s debacle, Ricki needed a top-notch performance to keep her Mirror Ball hopes alive. Fortunately, that’s what she delivered. Ricki and Derek managed to give us a classic quickstep that never bored and was as sophisticated as it was enjoyable.

J.R. Martinez (score =29)
When your performance reminds audiences of Broadway’s great dancers, you’re probably safe. Add in J.R.’s winning personality, and safety is almost a given.

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