This week on Survivor, Troyzan is in full attack mode, fighting for his life against all the women. He declares to the rest of the tribe he was only going at 50 percent but being betrayed has added fuel to the fire. He says he now “wants to win everything” because it’s him “against everyone else.”

But it’s one week and one tribal council at a time. Can he do it?

Let the Bidding Begin

It’s Survivor auction time! Everyone is given $500, for which they can bid on items that host Jeff Probst reveals one by one. Money can’t be shared, items won can’t be shared and bids are to be made in increments of $20. Sounds easy enough, right? Not when Kat’s around, who has difficulty comprehending the increments of $20 part. These are always fun, so let’s see what, if any, people won.

1. Three doughnuts and iced coffee — Chelsea takes for $160. I never understand bowing out of a competition or paying for empty calories, especially when you’re struggling to get a complete meal in the first place.

2. Chips, guacamole and margarita — Sabrina buys for $400. She calls it a $500 margarita straight from Mexico. Somehow, I doubt that.

3. Protein shake and two bananas — Leif wins for $100. A decent prize won without giving up too much.

4. Shower with shampoo and a toothbrush/paste — Kim gets for $40 and showers right on the spot with not much covering her up.

5. BLT sandwich, chips and iced tea — Kat gets for $180. She also marvels at the fact that a BLT sandwich comes with … bacon.

6. Bowl of peanut butter and chocolate — A still showering Kim takes it for $220.

7. Letters from home! Knew this would be in there. Well, Alicia immediately takes hers for $500, which wasn’t all that smart strategically. I’m sure she wasn’t thinking about her other team members, but she could’ve bid lower to give other people a chance to buy one as well. She gets emotional reading a letter from her father. A crying Tarzan always forks over $500 for a letter but unlike Alicia, doesn’t share it with the rest of the group.

8. Advantage in the next immunity challenge — Troyzan nabs it over Christina for $420. Christina and Troyzan were the only ones with enough money to bid, but Christina only did it on the urge of the rest of the women. Is she even playing the game? If no one had said anything, I honestly think she would’ve just let Troyzan have it. She must know that of all the women, she’ll be the first to go, and it’s like she doesn’t even care.

9. A covered package with a note — Kat wins for $160. It’s a cake that everyone gets to eat for 60 seconds. And … it’s just hands grabbing the cake from all directions.

True Advantage?

Troyzan finds out that in the next immunity challenge, he’ll automatically bypass the first challenge and move to the second — going from having a 1 in 9 shot of winning the immunity to 1 in 4. With that in his arsenal, and nothing to lose, Troyzan gets cocky, pretending to stuff an “idol” in his pocket to get the others paranoid. He’s hilarious. It’s good to see that being the underdog has gotten him to play hard.

Do or Die Time

The immunity challenge consists of three smaller challenges that occurred earlier in the season. For the first, the survivors have to untie a massive rope knot and the first three finishers advance. It’s a neck and neck race … and Tarzan is the first to complete it! Who knew he had it in him?! Kim and Christina also advance.

In the second challenge, the four have to bounce coconuts and knock off three targets. Christina is completely useless. Troyzan is the first one to finish … and Tarzan gets his too!

With Troyzan and Tarzan in the final competition of slinging coconuts at a square target they need to knock off three in a row … and Troyzan wins immunity! He rubs it in the women’s faces, yelling, “This is my island, you can’t beat me!” OK, that was a little over the top, but to see the reaction in all their faces was worth it.

Forming a Strategy

Now, Troyzan starts plotting to get Kim out. He plans to get Leif, Tarzan, Christina and Alicia on his side.

The women — Kim and Chelsea specifically — are targeting the men once again. They briefly discuss getting one of the women out but said they don’t want to cause chaos. There’s a sweet but bizarre moment between Leif and Tarzan, who are in the ocean and agreeing that it’s probably between the two of them. But Tarzan is cleaning Leif’s face off with a towel, after Leif for some reason painted his face for the immunity challenge.

Tribal Council

Expectedly, tempers flare when Troyzan and Sabrina go at it. For some reason, Troyzan also comes clean with his strategy. I think he would’ve been better off keeping that to himself, but he probably just wanted to create some paranoia between the women.

The votes are cast and … Leif is voted out!

When the votes are revealed at the end, and this is the truly puzzling part, it turns out Tarzan voted Leif, instead of voting for Kim. The final vote was 4-3 Leif over Tarzan. Why Tarzan sided with the women is beyond me. It shows that he’s completely untrustworthy and unstable. If he knew what was good for him, he would’ve voted for Kim.

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