Has anyone told Alicia, Christina, Leif, and Tarzan that the game has started? It seems like they are all just waiting to get voted out. There was a classic moment tonight with Tarzan bathing Leif after the Immunity Challenge. It looked as if Leif was a big grown up baby. I thought I had seen everything on Survivor! You have to love the auction. It had everything tonight. There was strategy to try to outwit Troyzan for the secret, nude bathing and lots of dumb bets by Kat. Anyways, these are the top 10 tweets about this week’s episode:

Recap: “I’m No Dummy”

#10. @Jeffprobst: Troyzan might be losing his mind a bit… but he’s playing to win. To win. Not make the jury. Big difference.

– Sure Troyzan is a little annoying with his me against the world attitude, but I give the guy credit. He is the only one left trying to make moves. The only one!

#9. @Joygrenade: Why is Tarzan washing Leif like he’s a baby? Weird stuff happening there. 

– I have no idea how that went down. Maybe that was the only option if all the girls were disgusted with Leif and Tarzan? 

#8. @Sarrraright: “Don’t hate me ’cause I’m eating this peanut butter in the shower.” LOVE the Survivor auction.

– Kim and Troyzan owned the auction. I was dumbfounded by all the weird bets. How did Christina, Leif, and others not get in on the auction action?

#7. @Olsensurvivor: I love the auction, but isn’t [it] like the 94th time they have had food? I can remember when people starved on Survivor.

– It makes you long for seasons like Pearl Islands, All Stars or Australia. The seasons where the lack of food played such a huge role in the game. 

#6. @Trippsteffen: Troyzan playing with both middle fingers extended the rest of the game 

Gotta love it. If he loses a challenge or doesn’t have an idol, I fully expect him to burn down camp. 

#5. @Robcesternino: Sometimes on Survivor, all you can do is lead the horses to the water. Unfortunately, you can’t make them drink it. (Dumb players)

– Alicia, Christina, Tarzan, and Leif are just happy with sixth, seventh, eight, and ninth place. 

#4. @Bravejayhawk: Survivor cast needs a lesson on game theory… Tonight’s episode was atrocious.

– No idea why there aren’t some moves being made. It’s like they are all afraid to do something.

#3. @Realkidpoker: You’d think after 20 seasons of Survivor this would be impossible: every single member of the men’s team played TERRIBLY. Total Rookies. 

– For once I would love it if they cast real fans and people who would do anything to win the game. Eighteen to twenty people who have passion for Survivor. Now that would be a good season!

#2. @Mariat3: These people won’t budge. This is a boring predictable Survivor season. Jeff, do something next year.

– Something needs to get done. These boots for the last handful of seasons have been way too predictable. 

#1.  @Survivorshannon:  Leif being “wishy washy”!?!? He’s said like 10 words the entire show!!! Lol just say Leif you’re a midget! Time to go little man!!!!

– Besides sleeping in the box and doing some silly flips during challenges, I really can’t remember anything interesting that Leif did on the show. 

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