I suppose it shouldn’t have been a surprise that David Arquette was eliminated in week 7 of Dancing with the Stars season 13. After all, we’re talking about a competitor who had barely beaten elimination in the past and who definitely was not the best dancer left on the show. Still, any elimination that follows a strong performance deserves some explanation.

What were the contributing factors in David’s DWTS demise?

The Popularity
Simply put, despite having one of the more recognizable names on Dancing with the Stars season 13, David Arquette has never been the most popular celebrity on the show. We are talking about a man who is known equally for playing a supporting role in the Scream series and for marrying (and divorcing) Courtney Cox.

Those are not activities that win you devoted followers.

While David Arquette was far more popular than some on Dancing with the Stars (Elisabetta Canalis anyone?), he never quite made the connection necessary to win it all. And honestly, how many people are broken-hearted at David’s departure?

The First Dance of the Night
You don’t want to dance first on Dancing with the Stars. It rarely ends well. Not this season anyway.

Need proof? This is third week of Dancing with the Stars season 13 that featured the first dancers of the night being eliminated (Ron and Peta in week 1 and Chynna and Tony in week 4 were the others). Obviously, DWTS voters don’t remember those first dances very well when it comes time to vote.

To the voters’ credit, it’s not like David and Kym were all that memorable in week 7.

The Group Dance
Everyone expected that a member of the losing group-dance team would go home in Dancing with the Stars week 7. It’s just that a lot of people expected it to be Nancy.

Having earned 3 points less that Team Paso, the members of Team Tango (David, J.R. and Nancy) were all in some danger. Of course, J.R. Martinez is a favorite to win and probably was never in too much danger. But both Nancy and David were likely eliminations.

Since Nancy Grace apparently has a stronger support network than David Arquette, it was David who took the fall for Team Tango.

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Were you surprised by David Arquette’s elimination? Did you think it would be Nancy Grace to go home? Was another competitor your choice? Why was David eliminated? Leave your comments below!

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