The Amazing Race is about to conclude its 25th season and, for the first time ever, the final leg will feature four teams competing for the $1 million grand prize. Brooke and Robbie, also known as the wrestlers, unexpectedly finished in first place in the penultimate episode.  Soul Surfers Adam and Bethany came in second, Dentists Misti and Jim came in third while Sweet Scientists Amy and Maya were last to arrive but were not eliminated. Among the remaining pairs, the Dentists seem to be physically strongest and have won five legs so far. Still it’s hard to say which team would end up winning since anything can happen in the race. Here are my predictions:

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Brooke and Robbie

The Wrestlers will most likely end up being eliminated first. They are not exactly likable and they don’t show a lot of potential compared to the other teams. And while they have proven their critics wrong and could go from worst to first yet again, I still could not picture them as winners.


Amy and Maya

The  Sweet Scientists are clearly the underdog you want to root for in this competition. They are lovable and have a good chance at winning especially if the final leg involves a mental type of challenge. If, however, the final leg involves physical strength, then they might be in trouble since they don’t really have a good track record when it comes to that.

Adam and Bethany 

The Soul Surfers are the most likable and probably have the most fans and supporters among the remaining teams. They have been portrayed in a very positive light and, according to Adam, they haven’t played dirty. Their attitude towards the game is simply inspiring and they have been extremely supportive of each other– which is an advantage especially in stressful situations. They are very strong physically though I’m not sure how they would fare in a mental challenge. Plus they have some tough competition in the form of the Dentists.

Misti and Jim

Not only have they proven to be physically strong, but they also do well in mental challenges.

Considering they won five legs, they know what they are capable of and are pretty confident that they can win this thing.

In the end, I think either the Soul Surfers or the Dentists will win The Amazing Race, with the odds tilting toward Misti and Jim. What do you think?

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Dean Bextor

Staff Writer, BuddyTV