Despite placing just fifth in the 12th season of The Amazing Race, Goth lovers Kynt Cothran and Vyxsin Fiala have definitely made a statement and showed the world that they have enough attitude to make it big in the United States.  Sure, they didn’t win a million dollars, but their popularity has become an opportunity for them to pursue big endeavors outside of reality TV.

Since their first appearance on The Amazing Race as “The Pink and Black Attack,” Kynt and Vyxsin have been making guest appearances in several local Goth gigs and events.  More recently, the couple has shown their support for a very good cause.

Much like the now-openly gay Lance Bass formerly of the pop band *NSYNC, Kynt and Vyxsin have also paid their respects to Lawrence King, the 15-year-old E.O. Green Junior High School student who was shot dead by a younger schoolmate because King reportedly went to school dressed in feminine clothes and wore make-up.  Kynt and Vyxsin were present at the March 26th Candlelight Vigil in West Hollywood Park, California, tagged “Fallen Angel: A Tribute to Lawrence King.”

“We can make a difference in this situation, and help make sure Lawrence is NEVER forgotten,” Kynt said.  “As a fellow ‘Boy-in-Makeup,’ I understand and can relate to the torment and turmoil which Lawrence endured from others at his school.”

Kynt believes that everyone has a right to express one’s self, whether he or she is gay or straight.

“Lawrence was considered an outcast, and often teased for his appearance, which is a situation I can relate to very well, as I am a male who is proud to enjoy a more effeminate appearance,” Kynt said.  “I am saddened that Lawrence’s creativity, free-thinking, and individuality might have contributed to his murder.”

“Every student deserves to attend school with the assumption that they will be safe, no matter how they choose to express themselves aesthetically,” Kynt continued.  “This is a tragedy but one I feel can be averted in the future with an increased emphasis on diversity and tolerance education in schools.”

Like Lance Bass, Kynt believes that issues like these need to be addressed most importantly by the elders, who serve as a guide and model for the youth.

“Parents need to take charge as well, and be mindful of acceptance as they mold the thoughts, ideas, and outlook of their child,” he said.  “Creating a culture based on an ‘acceptance and appreciation of difference,’ whether that difference is race, religion, sexuality, gender expression, or aesthetic, is the responsibility of EACH and EVERY American.  This must happen.”

Meanwhile, Kynt and Vyxsin have also been featured as models for the Hot Topic clothing line, which specializes in Goth and punk wear.  The video below follows their photo shoot for Hot Topic.

In other news, Kynt and Vyxsin will be appearing as special guest hosts at the Goth Prom 2008, which will be held on May 17 at 7pm at the Derby City Espresso, 331 E. Market, Louisville, Kentucky.  Featured DJs for the event include Count Grozny and PaulFear.  There will also be an official Gothic Beauty Magazine signing with Kynt and Vyxsin, who were featured in the magazine’s 25th issue.  The magazine includes an exclusive interview and pictorial with Kynt and Vyxsin, and is now available in newsstands everywhere.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MySpace, TransWorldNews
(Photo courtesy of MySpace/HotTopic)

Valerie Del Castillo

Staff Columnist, BuddyTV