On last night’s episode of America’s Next Top Model, Tyra shocked the models and the viewers by eliminating Katarzyna.  She performed well all season and seemed like a frontrunner to win the entire thing.  She landed in the bottom two last night because the judges felt that she lacked personality.  Kat disagrees and felt that she was just trying to respectful in panel.  Either way, she still got sent home and today, spoke to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.

Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview.

Hey everybody, this is Gina from BuddyTV and today, I’m talking to Katarzyna from America’s Next Top Model.


Hey Kat, how are you?

Hi, I’m good.

Well, you had a lot of BuddyTV readers angry last night that you were eliminated. I cannot believe it! What the heck happened? How did you end up getting eliminated?

Well, basically, I guess the judges said that I wasn’t pushing through in the photographs. I don’t know. I guess they thought I wasn’t outgoing enough in panel so I’m guessing that’s what happened.

Did you go into the competition feeling like you needed to be someone with a big personality?

I don’t think that my personality sucks. I think that I have a personality. I think I’m a lot of fun! I think that, when you’re in panel, it’s such an intimidating situation. They’re judging your every single move. Also, girls from the past who were in Ivy League universities, if they had tried to say something back at the negative comments that were said to them, then, they would be eliminated. So I went in there being like, “Okay I’ll take the criticism as it comes” and that’s it and they interpreted that as me not having a personality.

Do you think that we, the viewers, really got to see the fun side to your personality?

Oh, not at all. I mean, I think they actually put a joke that I made last night. They played that. I don’t know. I don’t think so at all. I don’t think so.

Have you always wanted to be a model, even from the time you were little?

Um, it’s something that I always thought about because I was tall and thin. Some people told me that I could. So I always thought about it but I never actually did it. I always was the responsible one. I went to school, I always did my internships over the summer, so I never really had any down time to give it a shot. When the opportunity came along with Top Model, I took it.

Was this the first cycle that you tried out for?

Yes, mm-hmm.

And going into the competition, was there anything that you were unprepared for or something that you didn’t expect in the modeling world?

Well, I don’t know how the modeling world is compared to this. I don’t really think it’s necessarily real just because being a nobody, you don’t get to work with top photographers right away. You’re not constantly being watched 24/7 with cameras following you around. I think it’s definitely a very different experience from what modeling really is. I think that I was expecting criticism. I was expecting pretty much everything that happened. I think the one thing you can’t control is the way that you’re edited on the show and the way that you’re portrayed to America.

Do you think that it was more intimidating to have Tyra photograph you last night as opposed to other people you’ve worked with? What was it like to work with Tyra?

I mean, it’s terrifying. She’s the supermodel of the world. It’s so hard! She’s the main judge at panel. You know that every move you make, she’s watching every blink you make. I don’t even know! Basically, it was so intimidating and so scary and I kind of closed up. I didn’t give her enough exaggeration as she wanted it so I guess that’s what essentially got me cut.

I thought, throughout most of the season, that you were one of the strongest models. That you were called early on and you always got good feedback. Did you think that you were slipping somehow because she did say that some models were slipping and it seemed she was referring to you. I didn’t see it at all and neither did the BuddyTV readers.

Oh, thank you. Every single time that you’re in panel, they give you both positive and both negative criticism, you know? The way that it is when it airs, you only see the positive one week or the negative one week. I feel like it’s what they choose to show. Every girl got positive and negative feedback every single week. That last week, I just got negative feedback that got played, you know?

I understand. Do you have a favorite photo that you took this season?

I think I love the music photo shoot with the emo-esque feel. It was a little bit darker, you had to connect to the emotional side of you. So I had a lot of fun with that.

Have you kept your makeover at all or did you gone back to the way you looked when you first joined the show?

Hair doesn’t grow back that quickly. I wish it did ‘cause I miss my old hair! No, I still have the posh cut and I have dark hair. I’ve had really blonde hair, really dark hair in the past. So the color, I’m cool with it. I don’t mind it at all.

Do you have a favorite model that’s still left in the competition right now?

Um, I would probably say Anya. I’ve watched her shoot before and I think she’s such a natural and regardless of what happens, she’s gonna be a great model. I think that she’s really the one that deserves to win.

Are you going to keep modeling now?

Yes I will!

What’s in the future for you? What’s your plan when the show ends?

Right now, I’m gonna take my portfolio and see where it takes me. I’m gonna try to get an agency and hopefully, the exposure that I got on the show, I can use to do something positive and hopefully, be a good model.

Well, we’re all convinced that you’ll get work so we hope to hear big things from you in the future.

Oh, thank you!

Thanks so much.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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