The Amazing Race is in its 19th season, but still as fresh as ever. Even though CBS is keeping things interesting, there’s no reason why we can’t spice up our Sunday nights with a drinking game! (If you watch The Amazing Race at work the day after, it is not advisable that you play along while on the clock). You can, however, make up your own rules along with these. Waterfalls until Phil is finished explaining both Detours! Do a shot every time someone misses a flight! You’re going to have a great time, and a horrible Monday morning.

Take 1 Drink:

Every time someone says, “go-go-go!”

Also any time someone says, “you got this!”

Any time a team shares information with another team.

When siblings Justin and Jennifer bicker.

Whenever Cindy gets stressed out because she can’t control things.

For any rule violation.

Take 2 Drinks:

Every time Bill and Cathi talk about being old.

Whenever we learn something about Jeremy and Sandy. 

Any time a team has car problems or a cab driver gets lost.

Whenever a team sabotages another.

Whenever it seems that lackadaisical snowboarders Andy and Tommy are unaware they are in a race because they’re having so much fun.

Every time animals cause problems.

Take 3 Drinks:

Any time Phil acts more human than robot. Is he a Replicant? A Cylon perhaps?

Whenever teams lose something or leave something behind. 

For an eating challenge.

Every time someone references the show’s title (ie; “This is why they call it The Amazing Race!” or “They don’t call it The Mediocre Race!”)

BONUS! Choose a team at the beginning of the episode and assign the number of drinks corresponding to their rank at the Pit Stop (ex; choose Ernie and Cindy at the beginning. If they finish third, you assign three drinks to your fellow drinkers.)

What additional rules do you suggest? 

Carla Patton

Writer, BuddyTV

Originally from Seattle, Carla recently took a husband and moved to Austin, Texas, where she is finally using her television “problem” to her advantage. It’s sort of like Dexter, but boring and less murdering. Carla’s favorite shows include 30 RockThe Amazing RaceProject RunwayModern Family, anything with murder, and pretty much anything gross and weird (CSIThe BachelorToddlers & Tiaras, etc.). Favorite canceled shows include: Arrested DevelopmentVeronica Mars and Average Joe. In her spare time, Carla leads tours of downtown Austin on a Segway (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!), blogs about Netflix Instant, and visits elementary schools telling children they don’t need math to succeed (just kidding, stay in school, kids).