Ben’s Bachelor filming rolls on, and so does the intel coming from our diligent Bachelor Nation field agents, who leave no contestant un-Googled, no filming location un-Twitpic’d, and no spoiler unspoiled. Here’s the latest from the front…

Previously in Bachelor Season 16 Spoilers: Part One, Part Two.

Obviously, if you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading.


Reality Steve has revealed another Bachelorette:

Casey Shteamer, 26:
She’s from Chicago and works for the Chicago Board of Trade. Wait, that sounds too normal. Oh, she’s also a part-time model. Therrrre it is. Photo here.


According to Steve, the big twist of this season is a returning bachelorette from season 15: Shawntel Newton, aka Shawntel of the Dead, the funeral director from Chico, CA who made it to hometown dates with Brad Womack, will return to the show to seek Ben’s love. Apparently she had a crush on Ben after watching him on pal Ashley Hebert’s season, and thought she’d give the season 16 girls a run for it. And so a classic Bachelor “shocking twist!” was born. 

So what happened when Shawntel showed up? Steve says, “Shawntel shows up at the Fairmont hotel during the cocktail party and talks to Ben. Essentially tells him she thinks there could be something between them, they live close to each other, and she’d like the chance to date him, but, she will leave it up to him by giving him a chance to think about it and decide at the rose ceremony if he wants to give her a rose.”

OK then. But did it work? “Well, that pretty much backfired since Ben does not give her a rose at the rose ceremony and she’s sent home.

Ouch. Back to the limo of sorrow with you, Shawntel. Back to square one. Back to the funeral home.


Ben took a nice redhead named Jennifer (far right, bottom row) on a concert date to see Clay Walker. One of the concert attendees/extras blogged about it (and you can read the whole thing here), but here’s the gist of her story: She went to the concert with her friends and had a blast, whereas Ben and his date showed up late (in a gondola!) and left after 20 minutes. Cool date.

According to RS, Ben and Jennifer danced, made out and called each other great kissers. I know, it’s not as exciting when we don’t know who she is or anything about her. But them’s the breaks in Spoiler Land.

WHAT’S NEXT: Steve tells us that after Park City, Utah, filming will move to Puerto Rico, then Panama, then Belize, which he believes will be the final stop before Hometown Dates.

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