In a show where almost every moment could count as one of the greatest, it’s hard to choose. But we did. Here are 25 of the greatest moments from the first part of Suits season 2.

#25 Harvey almost punches Louis.

Episode: 2.10 “High Noon”

It was a long time coming and it was well-deserved. Too bad there was no follow-through. Even so, seeing Harvey finally lose it when faced with Louis was great.

#24 Louis and Rachel go to the ballet.

Episode: 2.6 “All In”

Everyone needs a hobby. But how awesome was it when Louis and Rachel shared theirs?

#23 Jessica learns the truth.

Episode: 2. 1 “She Knows”

Control defines Jessica Pearson. Which made her controlled fury at Harvey and Mike all the more incredible to watch when she learned Mike’s secret.

#22 Donna leaves.

Episode: 2.5 “Break Point”

She had to go. Harvey had to let her go. But that scene by the elevators was nothing short of heartbreaking.

#21 Hardman smokes a cigarette.

Episode: 2.3 “Meet the New Boss”

Despite his protests to the contrary, Daniel Hardman was a sinister figure throughout most of season 2. One rare exception came when the man smoked a single cigarette, all because he didn’t want to stop a tradition he once shared with his dead wife.

#20 Mike kisses Rachel, again.

Episode: 2.10 “High Noon”

Sure, the budding relationship quickly disintegrated back into nothing, but it was an impressive kiss.

Mike kisses Rachel, again.

#19 Louis references Game of Thrones

Episode: 2.10 “High Noon”

“I always pay my debts… I’m a Lannister.”

#18 Rachel passes the LSATs.

Episode: 2.9 “Asterisk”

Thank goodness! The bad test-taker stuff was fine for awhile, but Rachel had to have success too. And oh, did she ever have success!

#17 Louis’ Special Sayings

Episode: 2.7 “Sucker Punch”

No one can mix a metaphor like Louis Litt. From “If I ask you to wipe out a village, you say how high” to “Let’s not tiptoe through the tulips around the elephant in the room,” each was a study in bizarre brilliance.

#16 Harvey gets Donna back.

Episode: 2.8, 2.9 “Rewind” and “Asterisk”

We all hoped for Donna’s return. But Harvey’s use of grand plots, pleading and large bonus checks proved just how much he wanted her back.

#15 Harvey beats a confession out of Travis Tanner.

Episode: 2.10 “High Noon”

One punch just wasn’t enough. And it fit the character of Harvey that his key evidence would be gained via boxing.

#14 Mike and Rachel date, briefly.

Episode: 2.2 “The Choice”

However expected the Mike/Rachel relationship was, it was nice to get a taste. They really did work well as a couple. Too bad about the requisite and deal-breaking lying…

#13 Grammy visits the office.

Episode: 2.9 “Asterisk”

If we had to lose Grammy, at least it was after she brought lunch for Mike, called Harvey a hardass and referred to Harold as a “blond clown.”

#12 The Tea Set

Episode: 2.3 “Meet the New Boss”

One of the delights of season 2 was the way in which Suits constantly challenged our ideas about good guys and bad guys. Harvey stole back Jessica’s tea set to show his support for her over Hardman. But they soon became the bad guys when Hardman’s theft was explained as a sentimental longing for his beloved wife.

#11 Harvey consoles Mike about breaking up with Rachel.

Episode: 2.2 “The Choice”

Harvey: “You know I was right.”

Mike: “It doesn’t make it any better.”

#10 Everyone gets Litt-up!

Episode: 2.6, 2.7 “All In” and “Sucker Punch”

More people on TV need a catchphrase.

#9 Harvey and Jessica beat Daniel Hardman, part 1.

Episode: 2.8 “Rewind”

Whatever wrongs Hardman had committed, Harvey got to be just as awful a human being in the cold-blooded blackmail of his boss.

#8 Harvey and Jessica beat Daniel Hardman, part 2

Episode: 2.10 “High Noon”

They lost the vote, but they won the war. It was almost poetic how Harvey and Jessica destroyed Hardman (again) with his own vengeance. Also, they used trickery, which was just fun.

#7 Louis grills Donna.

Episode: 2.7 “Sucker Punch”

“Do you love Harvey Specter?!” The unanswerable question laid bare every connection we wondered about. It also showed just how good a lawyer Louis was.

#6 Harvey learns his father has died.

Episode: 2.8 “Rewind”

All season, Harvey Specter was a perfect example of a man hiding emotion under arrogance. But Harvey’s mask slipped slightly when he learned the news of his father’s death.

#5 Louis lets Harvey know it’s all his fault. In the bathroom.

Episode: 2.7 “Sucker Punch”

We rarely get to see Louis’ good qualities, and we did not expect them to appear in the bathroom immediately after the lawyer destroyed Donna. But the almost-tearful Louis was right — it was all Harvey’s fault, and every person and every action only tried to save him.

#4 Donna and Rachel go out drinking.

Episode: 2.3 “Meet the New Boss”

Harriet Specter and Michelle Ross definitely need more screen time.

#3 Thumbtacks join the can-opener.

Episode: 2.8 “Rewind”

How do you top last season’s mysterious can opener? Adding thumbtacks to the mysterious ritual doesn’t hurt.

#2 “You’re the man!”

Episode: 2.3 “Meet the New Boss”

We thought Louis had actually grown when he accepted Harvey’s rare compliment. Not so much. Thanks to a high-end Dictaphone and some fortuitous recording, Louis reveled in his immaturity via repeated playbacks of “You’re the man!”

#1 Harvey and Mike get stoned.

Episode: 2.10 “High Noon”

Casual Harvey? Could it be? It could. And it was wonderful. Even if poor Mike had to hold in all that orange Gatorade…

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