Annie (Piper Perabo) takes a huge risk in order to gain a new asset.

Risky Business

The Prime Minister of Yemen suffers a heart attack and is being brought to the U.S. for medical treatment. Annie wants to use this opportunity to turn the man’s Chief of Staff into a CIA asset but Joan (Kari Matchett) thinks it is too risky. Annie makes an impassioned argument and eventually Joan relents, giving Annie three hours to accomplish her mission. Since learning that Joan ordered an evaluation of her field performance, Annie is desperate to prove her worth, even if it means taking on a dangerous mission. This fits with Annie’s characterization but I am surprised Joan did not call her out on it.

Therapy for the Heart?

In other news, Auggie (Christopher Gorham) uses his therapy session to get his therapist to see things from his point of view. Things are going well until the therapist realizes that Auggie is trying to manage their sessions in order to get the result he wants. (It looks like the therapy will continue, despite Auggie’s best efforts.) While these therapy sessions might give viewers more insight into Auggie’s mind-set, I cannot help but wonder if there is another point to them. Perhaps Auggie’s therapist will become his new love interest. It feels a bit soon since Auggie’s relationship with Parker just ended but the actors have chemistry so there could be some potential there. Or maybe the sessions will somehow tie into Jai’s death or the Simon Fisher investigation. Though the therapy sessions are enjoyable enough on their own, I do hope they will somehow fold into the larger arc of the season.

Joan’s Bad Day

Joan and Arthur (Peter Gallagher) continue to disagree about CIA protocol. Arthur continues to play the politician while Joan continues to do what she believes is best for her operatives and the agency. With Arthur potentially leaving to be the new Ambassador to China, I wonder who his replacement will be. Does Joan have enough seniority to fill Arthur’s shoes or will she be getting a new boss in the near future? Meanwhile, after a lot of trial and error, Annie succeeds in her mission and gets a brand-new asset. Unfortunately, she also asks for a transfer out of the DPD. Will Annie go back to work for Lena or will she transfer to a new department? And will someone please give Joan a hug already? People just keep leaving her.

Though this episode was entertaining, it was similar to the more stand-alone episodes of the earlier seasons and felt out of place in a season focused on more on-going story-arcs. But every show needs a few filler episodes and this one was pretty decent.

Megan Cole
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