It’s hard waiting for a show that ended its spring season on a major cliffhanger. When that show is Bones and we’re desperate to see the cliffhanger’s fallout in season 8, it’s especially hard. That’s why Bones season 8 spoilers are so very important! Keep reading to find out about all the murder, Booth-Brennan romance and more coming this fall.

WARNING: As indicated by the title, there are Bones season 8 spoilers in this article. Proceed with caution from this point.

The Beginning

Although Brennan will still be on the run from the law in the first episode back, the Jeffersonian will remain hard at work on the case (and on other cases, of course). Who will fill in for Dr. Brennan? says that Dr. Clark Edison — the most senior of Brennan’s squinterns — will be handling things temporarily.

Jack the Ripper?

Yes, Booth and Brennan are somehow going to have to solve the Jack the Ripper murders.

Kind of. According to, one of the season 8 episodes will take place in a hipster community in which everyone lives a 19th-century lifestyle. That community will be rocked by murders that seem to be mimicking the notorious Ripper.

The case may also give Booth and Brennan the chance to play dress-up. “They’re in a completely different world, with handlebar mustaches and suspenders,” executive producer Stephen Nathan explained.


Don’t worry — none of our main characters are in imminent danger of a breakup. The divorce in question will come in episode 2 of Bones season 8. EOnline reports that the episode is appropriately titled “The Parents in the Divorce.”

How does a simple divorce turn into a Bones-worthy murder case? A report from Zap2It indicates that a high-powered divorce attorney will be found murdered. The plot thickens when the man’s wife, Pamela, turns out to have been having an affair with his secretary, Margot.

Love… And Marriage?

Despite whatever strains the Pellant case will put on the relationship, things still might move forward for Brennan and Booth in season 8. Will the issue of an engagement even be possible? Stephen Nathan hinted to TVLine that it might, saying it will “be part of this season. That’s been held over their heads for a long time. It won’t resolve itself, but it will be something that we do explore this season.”

Wendell Faces His Monsters

Apparently Bones has to share.

Michael Grant Terry, familiar to Bones fans as squintern Wendell Bray, will have a multi-episode arc on NBC’s Grimm this fall. reports that Terry will play Ryan Smulson, a young student interning at the Portland Police Department. Since Ryan wants to be a detective, he quickly begins to idolize Grimm‘s hero, Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli).

There is no word yet as to whether or not this young man will end up eaten by fairytale monsters. But on Grimm, that’s a distinct possibility.

How Much Bones Do We Get?

A lot.

If you think back, you may recall that Bones filmed an extra four episodes last season. Those episodes have not yet been aired, but they are now scheduled to be a part of season 8. Bones creator Hart Hanson confirmed to that FOX will air the four episodes in addition to season 8’s 22-episode order.

That’s 26 Bones season 8 episodes altogether!

But we’ll have to wait a bit before they start. Bones won’t begin its 8th season until Monday, September 17 at 8pm on FOX.

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