The allure of Bones has always been the tender yet steadfast chemistry of its lead partnership portrayed by Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz as Dr.Brennan and Agent Booth.

We’ve followed them through wars and serial killers and ghosts and snakes and angels and even a couple of Santa Clauses as the gossamer web of their humble love knit them together as the impermeable center – as each other’s absolute truth, and as a close-knit family.

Bones’s Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth have been romantically involved in-all-ways-except-sexually (Thank you, Angela) for more than 200 episodes.

Seasons 1 through 5 were resplendent with sexual tension, alluring glances, and huskily traded intimacies.

Season 7 made a drastic change as they anticipated the birth of Christine. As married partners in season 9 and 10, Brennan and Booth may have traded some of their sizzle for substance and form, but their love and commitment continues to flourish and delight us nevertheless.

This collection represents the 23 most romantic Bones episodes of all time. Enjoy!

#23 “The Blonde in the Game”

In “The Blonde in the Game” Brennan and Booth are up against Howard Epps for the second time and it’s a harrowingly disappointing case. Brennan is forced to shoot and kill Epps’ minion just as Epps had hoped. Brennan is understandably upset about taking her first life until Booth talks her through it and offers her a gift: Jasper the Pig.

Bones - The Blonde in the Game

#22 “The Girl with the Curl”

In “The Girl with the Curl” Booth is already dating Camille, though they both think no one knows. After closing a case, Booth blows off Cam to order Thai food and help Brennan with paperwork. During their chat they both demurely admit that they find each other attractive. Adding to the romance of this episode is Hodgela’s perfect swing set date (which you will see in slide #9) along with the non-marriage proposal Angela finally accepts.

Bones - The Girl with the Curl

#21 “The Truth in the Lye”

In “The Truth in the Lye” Booth falls into bed with Rebecca, Parker’s mother, once again which Brennan figures out. At the end of the episode B&B have a sexually charged scene where they discuss that there are some people you just can’t have sex with because there’s too much to lose. Brennan agrees to support him in his resolve not to sleep with Rebecca, suggesting that he surely has other people with whom he could satisfy his biological needs. The sexual tension hangs in the air as they step closer to each other, both thinking about who his other options might include.

Bones - The Truth in the Lye

#20 “Two Bodies in the Lab”

“Two Bodies in the Lab” opens with Booth overtly jealous of Brennan’s potential boyfriend. Booth offers to stay at Brennan’s home to keep her safe after an attempt was made on her life. Once there they establish their song, “Hot Blooded” and dance together for the first time before he gets blown up in an explosion intended for her. When Brennan is abducted by the killer, an injured Booth breaks out of the hospital to rescue her. In the final scene Brennan, dressed to the nines for a date, turns down that date to keep Booth company while he recuperates from the injuries he sustained while saving her life.

Bones - Two Bodies in the Lab

#19 “The Conspiracy in the Corpse”

Nothing says “I love you” like being sprung from prison by a partner willing to risk 15 years in jail for blackmailing a federal prosecutor. That’s exactly what Brennan did to get her husband and partner out of prison in “The Conspiracy in the Corpse.” Adjusting to life after a long and painful stint in the clink makes it extraordinarily challenging to reintegrate into a family. Brennan takes it upon herself to romance and seduce Booth, promising that despite his considerable injuries, her tender lovemaking won’t hurt a bit.

Bones - The Conspiracy in the Corpse

#18 “The Maggots in the Meathead”

A true friend who loves you authentically and selflessly would do anything within their power to support your happiness, even if it broke their own heart. In “The Maggot in the Meathead” Brennan selflessly suggests Hannah get Booth the black antique rotary telephone that he’s been searching for. In doing this Brennan allowed Hannah to be the hero. Brennan’s sacrifice is acknowledged by Booth in a tender scene as she leaves his apartment. It’s clear Booth knows this was a very unselfish act on her part.

Bones - The Maggots in the Meathead

#17 “The Future in the Past”

Booth finally finds Brennan and Christine in their hideout after three months of being on the run. Upon greeting, the two tussle, but end up making love making out on the floor of the hotel room. Later Brennan talks about how much better she is now that he is with them. Finally, once home and the case is solved, Brennan apologizes for making him feel the way he felt when they left, and then Booth affirms that she did the right thing. Joyous washing machine smooching ensues.

Bones - The Future in the Past

#16 “Judas on a Pole”

In “Judas on a Pole” Booth assures Brennan that there’s more one kind of family as he caresses her chin and gazes into her eyes. Ouch!

Bones - Juda on a Pole

#15 “The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House”

After several failed attempts at proposing to Angela who just ‘wasn’t feeling it,’ Hodgins uses the chemical fluorescence he discovered during the case and creates a love letter for her after which she chokingly proposes to him. Included here is also an image from their swing set first date when he kisses her for the first time. These are just two of the many romantic moments this couple shares throughout the Bonesfranchise.

Bones - First Kiss on Swing Set

#14 “The Hotdog in the Competition”

Brennan mistakenly assumes Booth won’t be interested in being present during the ultrasound that uncovers the sex of their baby. In a precious scene at the end, Brennan apologizes and shows him the video of Christine’s ultrasound.

#13 “Death in the Saddle”

After solving a case about an organization that facilitates the fulfillment of pony play fantasies, Booth regales Brennan with how he views making love as distinctly different for just crappy sex.

Bones - Death in the Saddle

#12 “The Bikini in the Soup”

Romance abounds in the Valentine’s Day episode, “The Bikini in the Soup.” Brennan surprises Booth at the firing range with mafia machine guns from the Roaring 20s exhibit so they can celebrate the Valentine’s Day Massacre together. Clark honors his girlfriend’s request that he dress like Cupid and perform a strip tease for her. Hodgins develops a hybrid slime mold that smells like fresh roses and names it Angelicus Montenegeris. Camille also is plied with roses and a romantic night on the town by her gynecologist lover, Paul.

Bones - The Bikini in the Soup

#11 “The Doctor in the Photo”

Romance isn’t all cotton candy, unicorns and valentine hearts; there are also challenges to be overcome and loyalty to be tested and won. “The Doctor in the Photo” contains one of the most painful scenes in the Brennan-Booth relationship. Though Booth has moved on to Hannah, Brennan finally realizes she doesn’t want to have regrets, but learns that she’s lost her chance devastatingly. Booth, in an episode already mentioned, took his gamble the previous year and Brennan broke his heart. Though there are no happy endings to either of these episodes, the words and feelings they share are most definitely romantic in the love they express and the tenderness they share.

Bones - The Doctor in the Photo

#10 “The Lady on the List”

In “The Lady on the List” Brennan and Booth plan their wedding while suspended on the side of a cliff examining remains. Later they have a sweet conversation during which Brennan tells Booth she has studied the Catholic wedding and wants to celebrate it in a church with him as she found it beautiful … and making him happy will make her happy. Later, when discussing their wedding day more, Brennan insists they shouldn’t treat it like any other day. Booth, quintessential Boothy style, gazes into her eyes and melts her (and us) when he says, “I love everyday.”

Bones - The Lady on the List

#9 “The Blackout in the Blizzard”

After Hannah is long gone, Brennan and Booth spend almost the entire episode stuck in an elevator together. During that time they talk about the possibility of them becoming a couple and what they think that would be like. Later, they discuss their future romance even more and agree that one day they will both be ready to take it to the next level. They each write down when they think that will be, then burn the papers.

Bones - The Blackout in the Blizzard

#8 “The Santa in the Slush”

Who can forget the amazing first on-screen kiss between Brennan and Booth? In exchange for a puckish favor from Caroline, Brennan agrees to kiss Booth on the lips under the mistletoe. Not only is the kiss jaw-dropping, but it’s followed-up with a sweet, sweet scene wherein Booth and Parker arrive at the conjugal trailer to provide a decorated Christmas tree for Brennan and her family.

Bones - The Santa in the Slush

#7 “A Night at the Bones Museum”

Though Brennan and Booth begin dating others, Booth makes it clear that it is very important that what’s between them is just theirs after Brennan tells Hacker about Booth’s mother’s meatloaf. Brennan later assures Booth that she feels the same way so she didn’t invite Hacker to the event honoring her historical anthropological discovery. There is so much sexual tension during this scene that you can almost see it in the air between them.

Bones - A Night at the Bones Museum

#6 “The End in the Beginning”

“The End in the Beginning” gave us an alternate universe where Brennan and Booth are already married and very much in love. The affection they share, both physically and otherwise, is electric. Perhaps most romantic of all is that this fairytale was actually written by Brennan as Booth lay in a coma living the story she wrote for him. While “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” gives us the first steamy kiss of their relationship that we missed in the end of season 6, “The End in the Beginning” gives us the kind of pregnancy announcement and celebration that we didn’t get in “The Change in the Game.”

Bones - The End in the Beginning

#5 “The Parts in the Sum of the Whole”

“The Parts in the Sum of the Whole” is one of my all-time favorites because we get to see the true genesis of the Booth-Brennan romance. When they first meet they are clearly and unabashedly attracted to each other. Their kiss outside the pool hall could melt the Arctic Circle. The fact that their liaison ended in arguments and name-calling, and the episode ends with Brennan refusing to take a gamble, this will always be in the top five favorite episodes. It’s dripping with chemistry and romance.

Bones - The Parts in the Sum of the Whole

#4 “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank”

In “The Repo Man in the Septic Tank” Brennan explains to Booth that she would never jeopardize their relationship because they are bound to one another like a clown fish and a sea anemone. She says that he nurtures her and protects her and has become her home. Booth finds this romantic and convinces her to kiss him while they are driving. Later at home Brennan finally agrees to allow Christine to attend weekly mass with Booth, making him very happy.

Bones - The Repo Man in the Septic Tank

#3 “The Don’t In the Do”

In “The Don’t in the Do” Booth buys Brennan some lingerie to help her feel more desirable despite her post-pregnancy body. Brennan is confused and delighted by the gift, and even more so when Booth assures her that he has not lost interest in his mate in the slightest. Brennan tells him he chose well with the pieces of lingerie and offers to try them on for him, telling him, in regard to the ice cream, “Booth, let it melt.”

Bones - The Don't in the Do

#2 “The Secret in the Siege”

Brennan proposes to Booth over a bag of beef jerky and professes what the rest of us have known for years. “I’ve been afraid, I’ve been stubborn, and I’ve been in love … I love you. I want you to be my husband. I want to spend the rest of my life with you … Will you marry me, Booth?”

#1 “The Woman in White”

Brennan and Booth are both stressed as they strive to make their wedding day perfect for each other. Finally, they realize that all they need is for them both to be present. At their impromptu ceremony, presided over by Also Clemens, they exchange the most extraordinarily beautiful and touching vows. (Read them here and here. )

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