In “I Feel the Earth Move,” Grey’s Anatomy fans were shocked to watch Meredith calling her husband, Derek, to share the news of her perfect operating record. It was a punch to the gut to see her eagerly waiting to speak with her husband, and then her facial expression slowly change. Much to Meredith’s (and viewer’s) dismay, a strange woman answered Derek’s phone.

There has been no shortage of friction in Meredith and Derek’s marriage lately, but would Derek really cheat on his wife? This is Grey’s Anatomy, after all, so anything can happen. Let’s try and wrap our heads around this latest development in the saga of Mer-Der.

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Resentment isn’t Good for a Marriage

First, when Derek was offered the position of chair of the National Brain-Mapping Initiative by the President of the United States, Meredith was content to move to D.C with her husband and children. Just before leaving, Cristina told her best friend that she shouldn’t always be the one to settle. After some soul-searching, Meredith told Derek that she wasn’t leaving Seattle. Derek gave up the position as the couple tried to avoid the elephant in their marriage for as long as possible.

Meanwhile, the President of the United States continued to try and woo Derek to D.C. When the couple finally had an explosive argument, Derek accepted the position.

Long Distance Romances are Never Easy

While both are busy pursuing their medical passions across the country from one another, their steamy sexual chemistry has been benched for the sake of their careers. Meredith is shouldering the additional stressor of essentially being a single mother to their children, Zola and Bailey. In a situation like this, it easy to lose the connection that is the glue of any romantic relationship. Is that enough to make Derek cheat? I’m sure it’s not helping the situation.

Meredith Asserts Her Independence

Meredith is kicking butt at the hospital with her surgical streak, and she loves it. She has stepped out of her husband’s shadow and is being both a great surgeon and a loving mom. Derek was the star surgeon for so long that he may be unsure how to handle his wife’s new-found confidence.

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Hiding in Hotels

Meredith had her bags packed to visit her husband for a sexy weekend rendezvous, but didn’t board the plane at the last minute. She was afraid that her husband wouldn’t be happy to see her. So, instead she hid out at a hotel relaxing and not being a surgeon, wife, and mother. I find the fact that Meredith didn’t go and see Derek a huge warning sign, and it saddens me.

Derek has a Pattern

When Derek met Meredith that infamous night at the bar, we rooted for them to get together and have a relationship. Of course, we didn’t know that Addison Montgomery-Shepherd would soon enter the picture just as Meredith was finally happy with her McDreamy. Awkward!

Perhaps Derek should have mentioned that he was married, or separated, or something to let Meredith know that she was the other woman. Perhaps history is repeating itself, and karma has finally come calling for Meredith.

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An Easy Explanation

Look, is it so possible that some assistant answered Derek’s phone while he was in the lab, and for some reason freaked out and hung up on Meredith? Sure, it’s possible, and if Derek is cheating, I am pretty sure that this is the explanation that he will give to his wife.

Is Derek Cheating on Meredith?

Yes, I think he is having an affair. I don’t know if he will confess to Meredith, or try and deceive her. The anger and resentment in their union has been festering for a while, but that is still no excuse to cheat. I can’t picture Grey’s Anatomy without Mer-Der, so I am going to cross my fingers and hope that they work out their issues.

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