Is everybody ready for Glee to end? Or are you not prepared yet to say goodbye to all our favorite characters that we’ve come to know and love over the past six years?

Before we say goodbye, though, Glee will be taking us back to 2009 so we can see why the original members of New Directions decided to join the glee club. And to give you a sense of what that’ll be like, FOX has released a clip from the first hour of the series finale, appropriately titled “2009.”

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In this video preview, Rachel is in the cafeteria making signs for all the various clubs she’s a part of. Kurt, who has a deer-in-the-headlights look on his face, asks if he can sit at her table. She names off all the clubs she’s in, including the speech club, renaissance club and black student union. “It’s important for me to be immersed in all cultures,” she says.

This clip is quite humorous, seeing the way these characters were at the beginning, especially Rachel. She even gets a little snippy at Kurt when he says he’s also “toying around” with a career in acting. I bet Lea Michele had fun reliving the Rachel Berry of season 1.

She also says, “The minute I graduate, I’m going directly to Broadway and I’m never looking back.” Oh, Rachel, if only you knew then that you’d be coming back to McKinley after leaving Broadway and having a failed sitcom.

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Then Rachel and Kurt discuss the glee club, and we’re already seeing Rachel’s usual bossy and controlling ways. Watch the clip below:

And since this is Glee, we can’t forget about the music. There will be six songs performed in the final hour, “Dreams Come True,” with one of them being Rachel/Lea Michele’s final solo performance ever on the show. She’ll be singing an original tune, written by her co-star Darren Criss, called “This Time.”

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It’s the type of song that’s perfect for Lea’s voice. She starts off sitting at the piano in the auditorium. It’s a somber performance, and when you see her by herself in different places in the school (the hallway, the choir room with empty chairs, etc), it really starts to hit you that this is the end of Glee. I got chills at one point during this song, and I’m sure many viewers will be emotional watching it.

I have to hand it to both Lea Michele and Darren Criss. The combination of Darren’s ability to write a song that perfectly captures the emotions and mood of the moment with Lea’s natural acting skills for bringing to life those words is beautiful.

Are you looking forward to the flashback episode and seeing these actors and actresses get back into the 2009 version of their characters? And what do you think of Rachel’s “This Time” performance? Are you already getting emotional?

The Glee series finale airs tonight (March 20) at 8pm on FOX.

(Image and videos courtesy of FOX)

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