Alex and Owen have been spending a lot of time together on Quantico. Given the show’s propensity for romance (and basic knowledge of how most relationships on TV progress) it would be easy to assume there is more than friendship in the future for the two. In a recent interview with TVLine, Quantico showrunner Joshua Safran shot down all hopes of an Alex and Owen romance. There is nothing but friendship on the horizon for the two of them.

Quantico Recap: Is a Romance Brewing Between Alex and Owen?>>> Safran does admit that Alex and Owen are getting closer to one another and are building something together. It is not a romantic relationship, however, but just a “deep friendship.” As the season progresses, Quantico will have both of them find “common ground” with one another.

“She’s starting to find an unlikely ally in Owen because he’s somebody who did give up everything for this line of work and did go it alone,” Safran added. “The two of them start to be drawn together — and I don’t mean romantically. I just mean personally … She knows that he knows what it’s like, and he sees her going through it at a level that he never went through.”

Safran doesn’t just see Alex not hooking up with Owen. Romance isn’t in the future for Qunatico‘s leading lady at all. After her break-up with Ryan, Alex is going to learn to be on her own a bit. Safran said that Alex’s arc for season 2 is all about her being on her own.

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“[Alex] knows for the rest of her life she’s always going to have to stand separate and alone,” Safran explained. “At the end of the season, she understands that more than ever. Her arc this season is making peace with that.”

So what do you think? Are you disappointed to learn that Alex and Owen won’t be hooking up? Are you surprised? Is it better for the two of them to be friends? How long do you think Alex will be on her own? 

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