Now that the team knows who they are going after on Quantico, it doesn’t take long for them to come up with a plan on how to divide and conquer the eight people who they’re convinced are behind the group that President Claire Haas wanted them to defeat.

This episode, titled “MHORDER,” follows the team as they use Claire and Max’s engagement party to get all of the suspects in one room with the hopes of gaining some type of hardcore evidence. Of course, things aren’t as easy as they hope, considering they’re dealing with what Clay describes as “the most powerful people in the country.” But it’s pretty hard to identify a challenge that the agents have not been able to master.

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Is Shelby a Threat to Max?

Meanwhile, their personal lives continue to seep through even more considering Caleb Haas is on board. Of course, Shelby’s history of dating him, only to sleep with his father, despite his marriage to Claire, is an issue in this episode. The family drama continues when Caleb accuses Shelby of being nice to his brother Clay’s fiance, Max, so Max won’t be threatened when it comes to Clay. The crazy part is that this is a storyline to begin with. There’s no way Shelby should hook up with her third Haas boy. But it looks like that’s the direction the show is taking this time around.

Once at the party, Shelby spots her target, but the other agents have a little bit more trouble. Ryan is dealing with the fallout of Sasha’s crazy death in the previous episode. She was getting just as close as the agents were to catching the elite eight when her car exploded. Interestingly enough, Ryan’s tension with Owen grows even deeper. It probably doesn’t help that Alex and Owen are brewing up some type of romance. The awkwardness takes on a new level when Caleb takes the stage at the party to slam the Speaker of the House, Henry Roarke, Claire’s arch nemesis, who clearly wants to take her down sooner than later.

Shelby misses that moment considering she’s too busy putting all of her cards on the table and tells her suspect that she can guarantee his name won’t be included when the people behind the terrorist attacks are exposed. Still, she of course wants something in return, and apparently it’s too much to ask. So she loses out.

Ryan is on to Something Big

Ryan is a little bit more successful when he tells his suspect, Alice, of the team’s plan to divide and conquer. But she’s not impressed. Still, after his loss, Ryan is ready to do whatever it takes to protect the rest of the agents. Ironically enough, it could be a dangerous move. He knows Alice is behind Sasha’s death as well as Leon’s. It helps him out when she confesses it, and he finds that time convenient to reveal that she’s on tape confessing to two murders. He tells her to sign an immunity agreement in exchange for all of the names of the people she’s working with.

Alex Gets an Unexpected Offer

Alex finally sees her suspect, after doing a little flirting with Owen, but he knows she’s been looking for him. Still, the two have quite the creepy dance as he hints at the danger the country is going to face. But he makes it sound like Alex would be a perfect fit with them considering her past victories.

Claire and Henry finally come face-to-face as Claire attempts to hash out their differences so they can prevent a civil war. She offers him the vice presidency, along with her resignation. She makes it clear that she’s doing that as a test to see if he really cares about the country. He tells her he doesn’t need her resignation for the presidency, but she has everything she needs as one of his own comrades turns against him and gives Claire enough to force him to resign.

Clay and Max have an honest conversation when he tempts her with the idea of eloping; after all, they had to use their engagement party for the grounds of their investigation, which Max considers Clay’s “secret job.” She turns down his idea and points out that his job is driving them apart, and running away to get married isn’t the way to handle it.

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Is Ryan Getting Played?

But despite their bad night, Ryan brings good news and says his suspect is ready to turn in the guys. Alex believes they are all getting played, but they try to convince her that they’re not all walking right into their trap. She and Ryan get into a screaming match, and he points out how Sasha ended up. Clay comes in and breaks the tie when he sides with Ryan. But he ends up asking Shelby to speak to her alone. He takes that time to emphasize that he’s in love with Max.

Just a few minutes later, he admits he was “terrified” to work with her because of the past she has with his family. He pretty much confesses that he’s in love with her. But he won’t be following in his father’s or Caleb’s footsteps when it comes to cheating on Max. He makes Shelby promise that she’ll never cross the line. Shelby asks if she can quit, but Clay won’t let her. What he does want her to do is make him hate her like he did in the beginning. She gets right on it and sleeps with Caleb — or at least makes him think that she did. Caleb goes along with letting Clay think that but thinks that’s enough drama for him, so he goes back to school. 

Alex vents to Owen about her back-and-forth with Ryan and asks why he wasn’t there for her in that moment. He lets Alex know that it’s not too late and suggests that they turn one of the agents in to go undercover with the terrorists, asking if Alex trusts him. She not only says yes but adds that she doesn’t trust anyone else more than him.

Alice’s Checkmate

Ryan goes to meet Alice but has a run-in with a reporter who’s there recording the entire thing instead. As if right on cue, Alice sends him a text message letting him know that he lost the chess game, making it clear that she was not going to show up like she said.

The collaborators move fast and delete all of the intel and information from the agents home base. On top of that, the entire team is exposed and Claire Haas and her presidency are at risk. Ryan and Shelby are the ones named in the news report. As for Alex and Owen? They are nowhere to be found, while Clay tries to come to terms with his mother’s possible impeachment.

The end of the episode shows Alex and Owen working on their own plan. Alex meets up with the man who is a part of the terrorist group and offered her a position with them.

Do you think Alex should have gone undercover with the terrorists? Do you think Shelby should just quit? What do you think about Ryan’s “meeting” with Alice? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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