In this episode of iZombie, titled “Wag the Tongue Slowly,” Liv eats the brain of a big-mouthed, office gossip girl who dies due an unfortunate dairy accident, and Major finally gets a concrete lead as to Natalie’s whereabouts. Ravi is still reeling from his romantic snafu with Peyton while she seems to put one foot into the future with Blaine by her side. And the impending fear of a human attack on zombies starts knocking on Seattle’s door.

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Crime of the Week

The victim of the week is a nosy gossip monger from a boring run-of-the-mill job who is killed in the restroom while a fire alarm sends the company out of the building. Cheryl, the top sales associate at the dental company, is killed by a yogurt that reacted badly with her medication, leading Clive and Liv to think it was an office prank gone wrong.

Liv, chowing down on some brain chili, takes the form of the motor-mouthed busybody, collecting gossip from anyone and everyone she comes in contact with. Interviewing the boss of HR lets Clive and Liv know that Cheryl wasn’t exactly liked, her loose lips rubbing everyone the wrong way, leading to a mountain of office complaints and a laundry list of potential killers.

The lead suspect is Pete, a fellow salesman whose numbers were down for the month. Pete’s alibi is that he was on the phone with a fast talking perspective client with an Italian accent during the time of the alarm.

But delving further into the alibi, it seems as if the caller was in on it, prompting their suspicions to the fact that the whole office was in on the lacing of Cheryl’s dairy snack, with fellow co-workers Pete, Vicky and Rhonda. Liv has her first vision, showing her that the mysterious caller in question was Rhonda, putting on a terrible New Jersey-Italian accent in an effort to distort her voice, adding another co-worker to the yogurt conspiracy.

The trio of disgruntled employees all joined together to get their revenge of the office gossip, constructing an elaborate step-by-step plan of poisoning Cheryl’s yogurt while she was outside of the office during the fire drill, setting poor underselling Pete to take the fall due to his faulty phone call during the time of the crime.

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A Bum Serum and a New Lead on Natalie

Ravi, still depressed over messing things up with Peyton (again), tries to help Major, whose physical condition is only getting worse, pushing them to finally force Major into taking the cure when he has another fit, amnesia be damned. Despite his ailments, Major and a disgruntled Ravi get a new lead on tracking down Natalie, leading to a car chase with her possible captor. Due to their lack of stealth, they are caught mid-chase.

Major, after getting his ass kicked, plants a tracking device on the car, hoping to follow them to Natalie. Major finally catches sight of Natalie after striking out since the start of the season, heroically saving the day, despite Natalie not being in a state of total duress as Major imagined. Natalie refuses to leave out of fear for her life as well as Major’s, and though he can’t save her right now, he leaves her a vial of the cure in an effort to help her, even in the most minute fashion.

Blaine, immediately post-serum, doesn’t seem to have recovered any memories, despite the high hopes of the group. Needing supervision due to the possibility of his interior deterioration, Blaine shacks up on Peyton’s couch, giving the couple-to-be plenty of time to grow ever closer. This leads to a nice romantic date night, complete with romantic cooking and glasses of wine, even though their intimacy still worries Liv. Propelled by the fact that this might be her final days with this version of Blaine, Peyton takes it into her hands to live this night to the fullest, totally embracing this version of Blaine.

Liv, who has been researching the zombie message boards since the cold murder of the Fillore Graves family from the season premiere, find a suspicious account linked to a gun range with a zombie apocalypse special, which is an arrow in the right direction of who could be the shooter of the family from the season premiere. The man in question is the brother of a security guard who died in the Max Rager fire who showed his gun-loving brother photographic proof of zombies, thus providing Liv with her first real-life witness to the existence of zombies and her first interaction with someone who wants nothing more than to rid the world of them.

Do you think Major will ever be able to free Natalie? And are you happy that Peyton seems to (finally) have picked one guy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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