On this episode of The 100, “A Lie Guarded,” Roan decides to declare war on Skaikru and Trikru after learning Kane hasn’t been entirely forthcoming, word of Clarke’s list spreads and Abby takes a group to the island to look for Becca’s lab.

Now that it’s been revealed that Nightblood is the key to fighting off radiation, Abby is off to the island to make more. Jaha suspects Becca created Nightblood there, and everyone who knows this is the last and best possible shot — until another unveils itself — for saving everyone is hoping the scientist left some records to guide them to reverse engineer it from Luna’s blood. But there’s still a time crunch, so Clarke is forced to stay behind to supervise.

Funny, Not Funny

But with all projected timelines shot in the ass, of course, the first black rain comes, forcing everyone to rush inside the Ark. This is not a drill. The only one not concerned is Jasper who has embraced the idea of death and is laughing in it’s face. He hangs out in the downpour, and after freaking everyone out by feigning an adverse reaction, reveals the water is fine. Okay, maybe it was a drill. It looks like every drop that falls from the sky has the potential to be contaminated, and the only way anyone will know for sure when black rain is coming is after it hits.

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Sorry, Not Sorry

Things are beginning to fall apart in Polis. Kane tells Octavia that word of the Flame’s destruction is spreading, and people want Roan’s head. He’s not happy with Octavia’s decision to let Gaia take off with the Flame, and Octavia questions if Kane would have preferred she kill Indra’s daughter. He responds that he’d prefer she not kill at all, including the innocent looter’s head she handed over to the King. Octavia reminds him their mission is to keep Roan on the throne long enough for the others to save everyone from the radiation.

Kane warns Octavia that he sees a darkness in her. He knows she’s still mourning Lincoln, but she didn’t have to kill the looter, Ambassador Rafel or Pike. Octavia argues that Pike got exactly what he deserved, but Kane tries to explain that justice and vengeance aren’t the same thing. His attempts to reason with Octavia fall on deaf ears. Kane tells Octavia that her judgement has become “questionable,” and he can’t have his people going rogue. Octavia considers herself a warrior, but Kane says warriors know when not to kill — Lincoln taught her that. Kane boots Octavia from his security detail, but Octavia refuses to return to Arkadia without talking to Indra first.

Island Living

Abby and her entourage, which includes Raven, Miller, Murphy, Emori, Luna and Nyko, arrive at the island. Luna doesn’t look especially thrilled to be there. Nyko reassures her she’s doing the right thing, but she responds she wasn’t really given a choice. Nyko believes Skaikru are good people and he trusts them, but Luna questions that since they believe her blood will save them, what would they have done if she had refused?

As the group heads towards the lab, Emori pauses. She’s never been allowed past a certain line on the island. It was A.L.I.E.’s rule that no mutants shall pass. No sooner does she pass it, that a drone appears and begins shooting. In an effort to protect Luna, Nyko takes several bullets and dies on the spot.

Miller is finally able to shoot the drone down. Murphy points out there are bound to be more, and they’ll run out of bullets before the drones. Suddenly, Abby realizes that Luna has disappeared.

The group splits up to search for Luna, except for Raven who stays back at the beach. Emori wants to go back, warning Murphy that there are worse things on the island than the drones. (When did The 100 turn into Lost?)

The First Casualty of War is Truth

Roan is losing patience. It’s been three weeks since Clarke told him about Praimfaya, and he wants to know from Kane if Skaikru has found a solution. Kane says they’re working on it, but this answer isn’t good enough.

Echo brings in Bellamy and Stephens — or dispensable character to be killed soon. Echo saw Skaikru working on their ship and caught Bellamy and Stephens hunting in the woods. She questioned them and Stephens blabbed that the ship was to be a shelter from the radiation. Kane scrambles, assuring Roan it’s a back-up plan, nothing more.

Stephens also revealed Skaikru has a Nightblood. Roan says it’s a good thing the Flame was destroyed, or he’d be concerned that Skaikru was planning an ascension. Kane tries to explain how the Nightblood helps metabolize the radiation, and they’re investigating ways to create a serum for everyone.¬†Echo accuses Kane of blasphemy, but he insists it’s science.

Roan gives Echo a slight nod, and she slits Stephens throat, stating a warrior never reveals his secrets. Roan believes that if Kane’s motives were pure, he would have shared the plan. The alliance is now broken — Skaikru and Trikru are now the enemy. Roan orders that Kane and Bellamy are to become hostages, Indra and Octavia are to be captured and everyone else dies.

In her search for Indra, Octavia stumbles upon the bodies of Trikru. One survivor warns her that the Ice Nation is attacking. They are going to march on her camp that night. Indra has gone to warn her people, and he advises Octavia to do the same.

Clarke’s List

Determined to keep the mood light, Jasper convinces Monty to help him pull a prank on Clarke. While in the Chancellor’s office, Jasper discovers the list of the 100 people Clarke chose to ride out the radiation in the Ark. He’s deeply offended and upset that Clarke made the list and failed to tell everyone about it. Monty can’t figure out why Jasper cares since he’s made it clear he’s planning to die, but Jasper clarifies that it is his choice to make, not Clarke’s. Jasper also informs Monty that he didn’t make the cut.

Clarke interrupts, and Jasper confronts her, stating she shouldn’t have the power to decide who lives and who dies. Clarke tries to explain it’s a back up, and Jasper threatens to tell everyone. As he gets on the intercom, Clarke takes him down with a shock baton. Clarke orders that Jasper be taken into custody.

Clarke tries to explain to Monty that it wasn’t easy making the list. She only had so many slots for engineers, and he’s just an apprentice. Monty isn’t upset about the list. He just wonders when Clarke became the type of person who arrests her friends. She’s the one going too far and using the justification that it’s “for her people.” Monty thinks Clarke should tell everyone the truth, convinced they may surprise her. Clarke thinks it’s too risky.

Monty gets on the P.A. and begins reading off the names on the list. Clarke is surrounded by a mob, and Clarke is forced to defend her choices. She agrees the reasons for some people being chosen and not others aren’t fair, but they’re smart. They’re also pissed that Clarke and Bellamy are on the list.

Jaha comes to Clarke’s defense, arguing that strong leadership will be necessary for survival. Jaha suggests that they hold a lottery to randomly choose the 100. But they have to earn their shot. If someone misses a day of work, they can’t be in the lottery. When the time comes, they collect the names and they draw. This squashes the rebellion and motivates everyone to get back to work.

Clarke worries they could wind up with no doctors or engineers, but Jaha stresses they have to give the people something to fight for. She can’t tell people they have no value. Even if that isn’t what Clarke said, that’s what people heard. People need to feel they have a say in their fate.

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Do It for the Kids

Raven spots Luna heading for the boat. She chases Luna down and pulls out a gun. Raven fires off a warning shot, yelling she can’t let Luna leave because they need her. Luna questions if anyone deserves to be saved. All they do is torture, kill and betray each other and pretend they’re more than that to make themselves feel better.

Raven brings up the young girl, Adria, who died from radiation sickness in Luna’s arms. Adria was good, and Raven argues there are others out there like her. Raven puts down her gun, telling Luna she’s not a prisoner, she has a choice. Raven pleads with Luna to help her take down the drones which have several members of the group trapped.

Luna heads into the woods to retrieve the downed drone. Raven hacks it, determined to stop all the drones from attacking in an attempt to protect A.L.I.E.’s facility. Raven succeeds, and the remaining drones fall from the sky. As Luna looks towards the boat, Raven tells the woman it’s not her blood that defines her but her heart.

Octavia Takes a Tumble; Roan Prepares to Attack

Octavia heads back to Skaikru but is intercepted by Echo. Echo urges Octavia to come quietly. Roan wants her alive, but Octavia isn’t about to make it easy. She and Echo engage in battle, and Echo stabs Octavia through the stomach. Octavia falls over the side of a cliff, presumably into the rocky waters below.

Abby and the rest of the group reach the lab. Murphy questions what the drones were protecting the facility from, and Abby responds she hopes they don’t find out. They finally catch some luck when they discover the lab is in pristine condition and full of state-of-the art equipment.

Roan intends to take Bellamy and Kane back to Arkadia and take the ship for his people. Kane still wants to work together to find a solution, but for Roan, that time has passed. Bellamy says Octavia will get there first and warn the people that the Ice Nation is coming. Echo drops Octavia’s sword on the ground in front of Bellamy.

But it will take more than a stabbing and a huge fall to kill off Octavia. She’s alive, if not well.

What kind of enemy could Abby’s group face on the island? Can Clarke negotiate with Roan, or will it be a fight to the death? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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