NCIS: New Orleans‘ “End of the Line” is going to bring up painful memories from Wade’s past when a gruesome copycat murder on a streetcar reopens a former case. BuddyTV spoke to CCH Pounder to find out what to expect from this case.

“It was really nice for me to do something other than move a dead body,” the actress shared when teasing the episode that sees a different side of Wade. And speaking of doing something different, while she pointed out that the nature of the crossovers doesn’t allow for them to use the MEs that much since they’re mostly about the action and chasing down someone, she’d love to “ruffle Mark Harmon’s feathers because he’s always been a very calm and steady character.”

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BuddyTV: Let’s talk about this week’s episode. First of all, what can you preview about the case? It looks gruesome.   

CCH Pounder: “It’s gruesome, but I think more than anything, how it affects Wade this time is that — just in terms of a fairly confident person and knowing how to peg a character, she makes a judgment call that’s wrong. And she’s so convinced of it that it’s very hard to change her mind and I think that’s what causes a precipitation of somebody being presumed guilty.”

That’s where the painful memories from her past come up? Are these memories just case-specific or will they be personal as well?

“Right … You’ll find out definitely a little bit more about her personal life and what happened to her when she was younger, when she was young, fast and super-smart and maybe missed a few common-sense thoughts. That’s going to be fun, but it takes them on quite an adventure. I think it’s actually the first time you’ll see Wade out of the morgue, out of her scrubs and you know, at home, not dealing with the boys, but dealing with herself, so that’s kind of fun. For me, it’s fun.”

You brought up seeing Wade outside of the morgue and not working with dead bodies, and earlier this season, we saw her in the field in “Let It Ride.” Is that something we’ll see more of this season? Is that something you want to see more of, more involved in the case itself?

“I think it’s the one way to get her involved and get her interesting because we’ve all got a framework; it’s not so much that we’re stuck in [it], but that’s why we’re there. The detective is there to figure out what the evidence is all about. The forensics guy is there for a particular reason. I’m there for a particular reason. So these kind of crossovers, I just think it makes it more interesting because then we get to meet and interact with other characters, so I think it’s fun.

I think we’re going to see more of it as the show develops, yeah. … The stories can’t stick exactly to how they are because there’s a lovely familiarity of what’s going to happen with a particular character, like Wade will always be picking up a dead body somewhere, but there are other things that might happen on her way to or from that event, so that’s a nice part about expanding the show this way and knowing that you have more episodes. Yes, I think you’re going to see her out and about more.”

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Speaking of seeing these characters in different roles, this season, we had Sebastian become an agent and on his first day on the job, Wade was like a mother sending her kid off to the first day of school. Can you talk about that relationship and what it’s like for Wade to see Sebastian in this new role?

“I know as the actor, I was a little bit miffed. It was like, ‘How dare you take my son away,’ and I think it sort of carried over into the storyline, where everyone goes, ‘CC’s complaining that she doesn’t have Sebastian for reference.’ And yet, it has been so fun for him because it really is like a fish out of water and him learning to get his NCIS legs. He’s super-bright, super-fast, so he should be able to do for them what he did [in the lab] and he’s still, as they say, forensics/agent.

“He’s as useful in the lab still, he’s keeping those skills up, and yet he gets to be in the field, handling guns, fast cars and bullets whizzing by his head and a fight or two. So you should see my son this season. He’s going to be awesome. He’ll figure it out and he’s going to survive. Yeah, proud momma.”

We saw that Wade was dealing with some fill-ins while Sebastian was off training. Is that something we’re going to see again?

“I think you’re going to see one or two more when he’s unavailable, and … there might be one that makes him kind of jealous, you never know.”

Earlier this season, Danny revealed he wanted to enlist. Is that something that will be revisited? Will we see Danny again this season?

“I think you’ll see Danny after real life exams are over. People often forget that these actors are really young and they do actually have to have their school work done and teachers on board and then some want to go to college, so you haven’t seen very much of Danny or Pride’s daughter because they’re all finishing up. I think it’s going to be a moment before we see them again and there should be interesting stories once he’s free to work, once the actor’s free to work.”

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