Now that the terrorists have the flash drive on 24: Legacy, it’s time for the show to reset. It’s a common plot device in the series where one storyline comes to a close and another one starts. This time it involves Carter visiting CTU for the first time and, just like Jack Bauer, he immediately decides to ignore the director’s orders and go rogue to stop the terrorists.

We also learn why John’s dad helped the terrorists and we get to see that Carter’s wife is just as much of a bad-ass as he is.

Carter Goes to CTU

With Jadalla in possession of the flash drive, Carter and Ben are taken to CTU to get debriefed. It’s a nice moment as Carter comes to CTU for the first time, in awe of all the video monitors and technical capabilities. He also gets to see Rebecca again, who has returned with Nilaa.

At CTU, Ben claims he has a lead to help them find Jadalla. He recognized the guns the terrorists used as coming from an arms smuggler named Gabriel who used to work for Starkwood (the evil private military group run by Jon Voigt’s Jonas Hodge in season 7). Luckily they have some time because the flash drive was damaged and it’s going to take Jadalla’s men a while to fix it to get the sleeper cell activation codes.

Carter proposes a small mission where he and Ben approach Gabriel by offering to give him schematics for an anti-missile system. Mullins thinks it’s too risky and denies the request. Carter thinks it’s necessary, so Rebecca and Andy get him the classified schematics, then he knocks out a few CTU guards to break Ben out of the infirmary so they can go see Gabriel.

Why Did Henry Help the Terrorists?

Nilaa insists that she’s being framed and John believes her. He finds out that the video footage of her was faked, so he knows his dad was the one who leaked the info. Henry admits to his son that he gave the terrorists the info because Jadalla found out that Henry’s company bought oil from ISIS and used it to blackmail him.

Henry just did it to protect his company and his son’s presidential run. It’s always about oil or protecting a family business, from Peter Kingsley in season 2 to Jack’s dad in season 6. However, Henry claims that John’s uncle Luis has nothing to do with it, which we know is a lie. As John goes to tell Rebecca that Nilaa is innocent, Luis tells Henry to deny everything and they’ll get through it.

Nicole Saves the Day

Carter’s wife knows Isaac is in danger, so she flips over a table to take out Jerome. Nicole runs away as Aisha and Jerome chase her, but Nicole gets the upper hand, taking out Jerome and pulling a gun on Aisha. This gives her time to call Isaac and warn him, so he survives.

The cops show up as Aisha and Jerome run away. Nicole is taken into custody, but Isaac returns to bribe the cops so they let her go and ignore the whole thing.

Drew Dies (Again)

At the hospital, Drew’s mom is a mess because her son is badly injured. Amira sneaks into his room and is about to inject him with a syringe to kill him, but she has second thoughts. Then Drew wakes up and fights back, so Amira has no choice but to inject him. He flatlines and I’m going to assume he’s really dead this time, but I’m not ruling out the possibility that he’s immortal..

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