This episode of Quantico season 2 is definitely a highly anticipated one, as previous episodes left fans on the edge of their seats. “EPICSHELTER” begins with Harry’s revelation that he had no idea about Sebastian’s wife’s motives as Ryan Booth is summoned.

As for the others, they’re not sure if they want to fully trust Lydia, whose return almost seems to come out of nowhere.

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Can Lydia Be Trusted?

Lydia tells Ryan, Alex, Leon and Harry that she wants to make sure a manhunt doesn’t bring too much attention to the public, which now believes the hostage crisis is over. But Shelby is determined to find whoever is behind it and points out that all of the hostages leaving the building are potential suspects.

The rest of the crew reluctantly move forward with Lydia and take her advice to “blend in” with the FBI. They decide to split up, with Alex and Lydia working together. Shelby interrogates Nimah and Miranda for their possible involvement in the entire thing. Nimah and Miranda stand by their decision, but Nimah admits that things went much further than either of them planned when innocent people were hurt.

Despite their past, Alex and Lydia seem to be on the same page when they get a little one-on-one time to catch the terrorist. They then spot Dayana and Will sneaking back into the building.

Alex Faces Her Own Drama in the Flashback

At the ranch, Alex and Owen experience the fallout from the explosion in a previous episode. Owen convinces Alex that whoever was running into the building was at the wrong place at the wrong time and reveals that he has decided to get police involved as they go on about their lives and “wait for the next move;” something he doesn’t think will take long.

Alex then confronts Ryan about his secret move for Lydia. Ryan tells Alex that Miranda has ordered him to end the investigation against the AIC, which he says he thinks doesn’t actually exist. While Alex refuses to leave, Ryan reminds her that she’s no longer in the FBI. As if right on cue, the FBI pulls up and lets the trainees know that they’re going to receive special training. Owen is summoned in the middle of the session as the FBI starts its investigation into the mysterious man who was found in the explosion.

But his identity isn’t a secret anymore and is revealed to be a former trainee, Jeremy Miller, as the remaining trainees learn an important lesson on what to do to guarantee that they won’t be exposed while working undercover. Ryan and Dayana insist that they don’t remember much about Jeremy since he left after the first day of the program. But Alex is determined to find out how Lydia is involved, while Owen tries to convince her that Lydia is not one of the bad guys.

About Last Night

The recruits are instructed to write a will for themselves as Harry receives a call from a woman who appears to be his handler. Owen is under fire of his own as the FBI accuses him of lying to the NSA when the recruits went there for an assignment in a previous episode. The organization is determined to catch not only Owen but Lydia as well. Owen looks for Alex to catch her up, but he runs into Harry instead.

Harry can instantly tell that something is wrong, and Owen admits that he doesn’t think he has much time left on the ranch. Harry reveals that he can relate before letting Owen subtly know that he should appreciate the time he has left with Lydia. Alex and Dayana have a moment of their own before Ryan approaches them. Ryan briefs Alex about Jeremy and tells her that the FBI thinks he has something against the trainees, Owen and Lydia after leaving the program.

Harry’s night doesn’t get any better as Sebastian confronts him for planning to get revenge on a friend-turned-enemy. Shelby calls Alex and warns her that Owen plans on taking the blame for the issues with the NSA, which could put him behind bars as it’s a federal crime. Harry turns to drinking to cope with his issues before he spills his own secrets about being undercover at the farm on behalf of the British government. This makes Ryan and Alex’s relationship going public just moments before seem extremely minor.

Lydia and Owen come face-to-face as she confesses she’s upset that Owen is giving in to the FBI. He tells her it’s his way of making up for the mistakes he made as a father and a man. Still, both of them have hope that there’s a possibility for their relationship to still be going strong when it’s all said and done.

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The Morning After…

Harry sobers up and gets his things to prepare to leave but not before he has a few words with Sebastian. Still, it doesn’t end the way Sebastian thought it would as Harry embraces him and tells him he forgives him. He passes Owen on his way out as Owen prepares to turn himself in to the FBI. Alex tries to stop him, but Lydia and Owen both tell her to leave it alone. Lydia comes for Alex and tells her that she doesn’t belong at the farm before giving her an hour to get her things and leave.

A Traitor is Revealed in the Present Day

Miranda reveals that Jeremy found her just before he died and confirmed to her that the AIC was not only real but also very dangerous. They recruited him, and he went to farm instructors for help. But even they weren’t sure who the bad guys were or what they had planned. Miranda says that’s when they came to her for help. It’s soon revealed that the First Lady was in on it all too. And while Miranda agrees to help them, she says she never knew that things would happen the way it did.

Alex finds Dayana and Will, who both tell her that they’ve been working with Lydia. She was actually the one who told Dayana to hide the drives that they were searching for. Right on cue, Alex is shot. She isn’t hurt, but she does catch Lydia in a dangerous act. Still, Lydia denies that she’s AIC and confesses that she’s trying to help stop corruption in the country. The ladies get physical as Will tries to stop whatever it is Lydia just did, but it soon becomes clear that it’s too late. But Shelby has even more revelations. She says the Islamic Front took responsibility for the attack and claimed that it had nothing to do with the FBI, AIC or even the CIA. Miranda says this is their attempt to cover it all up so they can continue making attacks.

The Crew is Faced with a New Task

Two weeks later, Ryan and Alex decide how to move forward or not with their relationship as they try to figure out who should keep the engagement ring. But Ryan tells Alex that he’s still there for her. Alex suggests that they spend time apart to decide their next step, and Ryan agrees.

The episode ends with Shelby and Alex meeting with Claire Haas. Of course, Ryan, Nimah and Dayana are there too, much to all of their surprise. Still, they are briefed on the extremely private intel that was on the private drives. All of those in the room were part of a select team to counter the attack. But Claire reveals that they’ll all be reporting to none other than her son, Caleb Haas.

What do you think about Lydia being the mastermind? Should Owen have taken the blame for the NSA incident? Does Ryan and Alex going public as a couple on the farm really matter? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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