While it was pretty easy to assume that Maxwell Lord was behind the Supergirl double that appeared on TV at the end of “Strange Visitor from Another Planet,” everything else about the character was a mystery. There was no hint of what her motives were or how she was created. This episode, “Bizarro,” sets out to answer some of those questions. The exact details of the double’s (named Bizarro) creation are left a little fuzzy. Instead, Supergirl focuses on a clear emotional journey for the mysterious character. It results in Bizarro being one of the best new additions to the Supergirl mythos. Bizarro might start the episode as Kara’s evil twin, but she becomes so much more by episode’s end.

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Bizarro World

It is confirmed very quickly that Lord is behind the Supergirl, who is not Kara, flying around and destroying things. Somehow, Lord turned the comatose patient in his secret room into a super powered being that looks exactly like Kara. Supergirl isn’t the only one acting different, though. Cat is positively bubbly over the prospect of Kara dating Adam and is even being friendly to Kara. She’s still calling her Kiera, however.

In the last switcheroo, Winn responds pretty maturely to the news that Kara is dating Adam. James, however, acts like a complete jealous dork. So that means flustered lies, false declarations of happiness and exiting the room very quickly. James has reason to be worried too because Adam and Kara’s date goes very well. 

Who is Bizarro?

Until Kara leaves Adam to go save a group of civilians as Supergirl, that is. Kara should be able to save the civilians, no problem, but she is interrupted by her evil double, now dubbed Bizarro. Bizarro attacks Kara. Kara distracts Bizarro and ducks out of the way, managing to save the people in need. Confused, Bizarro watches Kara save the day.

Later, Bizarro questions Lord about the event. Lord has taught Bizarro that Supergirl is evil and must be stopped. Bizarro doesn’t understand how someone who is supposed to be evil can save people. Lord tells Bizarro that she should trust and love him, not Supergirl. Yup, so Lord is still a skin-crawling creep.

For their part, the DEO and Alex really want Kara to take care of Bizarro, “take care” being a phrase here that means kill so hard. Kara, though, is a bit hesitant seeing Bizarro as a victim of Lord rather than a villain. Alex assures Kara that Bizarro isn’t a person anymore but an experiment gone awry.

Kara’s Romantic Woes

Winn continues to be a grown-up. James shares a drink with Winn, something that has never happened before in the history of the show, which should be the first hint to Winn that something is up. In any case, Winn basically tells James that is unfair to both Lucy and Kara to pretend he doesn’t have feelings for Kara. James leaves the conversation still being an indecisive little baby, but I could get really used to this older and wiser Winn. 

James better move pretty fast too because Kara and Adam are continuing to get a lot closer. Kara opens to Adam about her dead family, though she is vague on the circumstances as to how it happened. They then share their first kiss. It’s a lot more cute and natural than those two sentences make it sound.

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Alex Takes Charge

Kara’s moment of happiness is interrupted when Bizarro flies and kidnaps her. One of the better fights in Supergirl‘s short history goes down as Bizarro matches Supergirl blow for blow. Alex shows up with the DEO, tanks blazing, and tries to take down Bizarro. Alex shoots Bizarro with a Kryptonite dart. Bizarro is Kara’s mirror, though, so it does not weaken her. It only makes her stronger and much more monstrous and non-Kara looking. Bizarro flies off away from Kara and into the night.

Once Bizarro is gone, Kara tells Alex that this must mean Lord knows that Kara and Supergirl are the same person. If Bizarro is kidnapping Kara in her normal life, Lord has to know what she does in her other life. Kara tells Alex that the only way they are going to fight Bizarro is if they take down Lord once and for all. Alex decides to show up at Lord’s office and place him under arrest on behalf of the DEO, “under arrest” being a phrase here that means kidnap him, more or less illegally, with handcuffs. 

Bye Bye, Adam

Kara goes back to CatCo to let Adam know she is alright. Kara then breaks up with Adam, without providing any adequate reason why she was kidnapped or how she escaped. Kara breaks up with Adam for the standard superhero reasons (protection, priorities, yadda, yadda) but of course she doesn’t tell Adam that fact. It’s more just stuff about how she’s not ready and the universe is telling her they can’t be together because she got kidnapped on their second date. This is a scene meant to be played without irony, but there is no way that line doesn’t sound absolutely ridiculous. 

The same word can be described for how easily Adam takes the break-up. Adam puts up no real fight whatsoever as Kara lets him down. Though I suppose since they have only gone on two dates, Adam really can’t put up that much of a fight without seeming like a man with obsession. Adam leaves National City with no reason to stick around anymore. 

The Bitter End

Kara goes out to cry on the balcony, her designated sad spot. She is joined by James. James goes to comfort Kara, but she basically tells him that shes need to be alone for now. Kara leaves the balcony and it is James who is left alone. James is kidnapped by Bizarro as revenge for the attack at the DEO’s hands. 

Bizarro tells James that she kidnapped him because Supergirl loves him. James then uses this opportunity to confess his love for Kara. James espouses all of Kara’s good qualities and why she is an overall wonderful human being. James tells Bizarro that the same qualities reside inside of her. Bizarro takes the words to heart until she sees James trying to escape and she attacks. 

Kara hears James’ screams and rushes to his rescue. Alex drafts up a reverse form of Kryptonite and shoots Bizarro. The shot knocks Bizarro out and she collapses. Kara takes Bizarro back to DEO headquarters. J’onn decides to put Bizarro to sleep until they can help her. In a very sad scene, Kara says goodbye to her double for now. 

Kara goes to CatCo, and Cat does a bit of her own break-up with her assistant. She doesn’t fire Kara (again); rather, Cat tells Kara that she thought Kara understood something about life. Cat tells Kara that she has to start caring about people and relying on them rather than herself if she wants to be happy and fulfilled. Cat thinks it’s best if she and Kara keep their relationship strictly professional from now on so no one gets hurt anymore.

Kara heads home to find something very bizarre. There is a strange looking glowing plant thing on her coffee table. As Kara bends down to examine it, a tentacle creature can be seen on the ceiling. Kara looks up just as the monster lunges at her and the episode ends. 

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