Make way for your new favorite relationship on Pretty Little Liars. Haleb is dead and so is Spoby, but here comes Spaleb. It doesn’t really roll off the tongue, but it’ll have to do. At first this new relationship between Spencer and Caleb didn’t have fans all too excited, but after their heated exchange in episode 13, “The Gloves Are On,” PLL fans are starting to come around, as they should. It didn’t seem ideal, but here are a few reasons why this new relationship just works.

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1. Spencer Got Hanna’s Blessing First

It would have been pretty awkward and a total betrayal if Spencer decided to go for it with Caleb without even talking to Hanna about it first. Luckily, she stuck to the Sis Code and waited before hooking up with him. If you think about it, this probably took a lot of restraint. Hanna was already engaged to someone else, so she wouldn’t have any real ground to stand on if she tried to stop it. Every situation was just begging for a hookup, but Spencer and Caleb are much classier than that. It probably made their inevitable intimacy that much more steamy.

2. They’ve Both Had Years to Move On From Their Last Relationships

Though it seems immediate to us, the viewers, the fact is that years have passed since both of their past relationships. Hanna has found new love and so has Toby. It’s not as if anyone is still pining after anyone else. Hanna herself said, “Caleb and I broke up years ago.” Years. They’ve definitely waited an appropriate amount of time and then some.

3. We Don’t Have to Worry if Caleb Plans to Ruin Hanna’s Wedding

As fun and drama-filled as a wedding scene with Caleb bursting through the church doors would, or even a fight scene between him and Jordan, we don’t have to worry about the emotional impact it would have on Hanna. The girl has been through enough, she deserves to be happy once and for all. In the scene where Caleb and Jordan met, the two were very mature about the whole thing. Nobody’s in high school anymore, and Caleb admitted that he’s happy to see how happy Hanna is. Besides, he’s got a plus one to the wedding now.

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4. They Have a History Full of Romantic European Adventure

The two were all alone in some of the most romantic parts of Madrid and all over Europe. Completely out of fate, they happened to spot each other across a train station in Madrid. They snuck into coliseums and split bottles of wine. No one would ever have known a thing. You can’t really expect two people to go into all those situations in a completely platonic way. It looks like what happens in Europe doesn’t stay in Europe.

5. They’re Two of the Most Compatible People on the Show

Spencer and Caleb are the biggest brains in Rosewood. Spencer spent all of high school buried in books (when she wasn’t being kidnapped and locked up) and we all knew she was going places. Caleb was a computer hacking wizard who landed an incredible job doing Internet security. They’re the wittiest and most intelligent people among their group of friends, so it’s no surprise that intellect attracts intellect.

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