Just because the cast of Project Runway All Stars is (supposedly) comprised of the show’s most elite designers, doesn’t mean there aren’t a few mis-steps here and there. Both good and bad designers alike went through their ups and downs this season, but before the finale, let’s take a look at some of those lows. Here are the worst looks of Project Runway All Stars season 5 ranked from bad to worst. Tell me if you agree or disagree in the comments.

#10 Emily, “Bait and Switch”

This was probably one of the most difficult challenges of the show where the designers had to switch fabrics with a fellow competitor after their trip to Mood. Emily ended up with Alexander’s brutal upholstery fabric and tried to make the best of it. Unfortunately it still looks like clown couture.

#9 Sam, “Prince of Prints”

For the last piece Sam created before he was eliminated, he went back to his tried and true jumpsuit and mesh. Unfortunately the jumpsuit is nothing special and the print he created on the jacket completely clashes with everything else. It’s not very sophisticated or creative.

#8 Mitchell, “What Makes an All Star”

What makes an All Star? Well I’d argue that whatever it is, Mitchell doesn’t have it. And this poorly draped bodice and tulle skirt doesn’t exactly look like All Star material either. The first of many messy looks Mitchell produced this season.

#7 Sam, “State of the Art”

For the avant-garde challenge, not only did Sam fail to make something avant-garde, but he made a dulled rainbow flag cliche that was draped and constructed mere moments before the runway show. It’s a crime that this dress didn’t send him home.

#6 Valerie, “Birthday Suits”

Speaking of crimes, this look that Valerie created for an oft-nude naturist should have been excommunicated from the runway. She made her poor model look like a gray and lumpy hunchback. She should probably just stick to being naked.

#5 Layana, “Once Upon a Runway”

I’m not sure what Layana was thinking when she draped that ugly print over a boring yellow dress, but it definitely doesn’t say “fairy tale princess” like the challenge required. More like “sale rack at a department store” princess.

#4 Kini, “Bait and Switch”

Another victim of the fabric switch, Kini failed to make anything pretty or decent out of Sam’s original fabric choice. This is supposed to be resort wear but the only place this garment would look good would be at the bottom of the ocean.

#3 Mitchell, “A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Rock and Roll”

The blush colors. The poor construction. The pink flamingo feathers scattered throughout the bodice. This look is just one baffling mistake after the other.

#2 Asha, “Let it Flow”

Well folks, Asha did it. She managed to make a size zero supermodel look pregnant on the runway through pure design. Putting aside the fact that the dress is just plain ugly, her addition of a cape/obi is so slapdash and just doesn’t make any sense.

#1 Daniel, “What Makes an All Star”

If there was no excuse for not eliminating Mitchell after the first challenge, then I don’t even know what to make of the judges’ decision to give Daniel another try after seeing this boring mess. The color is literally taking away my will to live and the texture makes it seem like cheap crepe paper. What a mess of a dress coming from someone who arguably didn’t deserve a second chance, let alone a third.

Gina Pusateri

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV