There’s bound to be some fallout after Bethenny’s awkward birthday party from the previous episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. And if we know these women at all, we can probably assume that no one’s going to be afraid to speak their minds about it. Let’s see how it goes in this episode, “Birthday Bashing.”

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Hamptons De-Brief

We get a cute little scene of Bethenny packing Brynn’s suitcase for an upcoming trip. She seems really happy being a mom, which is sweet. It’s also nice that she’s not exposing her daughter to the reality TV realm just yet.

Dorinda and Carole meet for dinner. Carole tries to talk some smack about Jules and her home, but Dorinda doesn’t really let that slide. She sticks up for Jules and tells Carole that she and Bethenny came off as tense and exclusive and acted kind of rude. Carole tries to blame the awkward dynamic on John, but Dorinda shuts that down too. She says she doesn’t want to blame John for every problem they have, but she’s still going to keep him away from the ladies from now on. Sounds like a good choice.

Jules arrives later and Carole immediately apologizes for her behavior at her brunch. Jules says she’s not the problem; it was Bethenny. She thinks she was dismissive and condescending and didn’t care for her comments about her home construction. Dorinda tells Jules that Bethenny is a complicated woman and she takes some time to get to know, but she’s sure that when she does the two of them will be friends.

Ramona goes to visit Sonja at her crazy dog poop and intern filled house. Their relationship runs hot and cold, but they both maintain that they’ll always be friends no matter what.

In her usual indelicate way, Ramona brings up the fact that she hasn’t been hanging out with Sonja as much lately because she’s embarrassed to be seen with her when Sonja gets out-of-control drunk. She also tells her how she doesn’t like that LuAnn is staying with her now because she’s a bad influence when it comes to partying.

In turn, Sonja responds in her usual Sonja way and completely denies that there’s anything wrong with her. She thanks Ramona for sharing, but she’s not worried about the direction of her life. Ramona says in her confessional that she feels like she’s grown a lot since her divorce with Mario, but Sonja always seems to stay the same.

Second Chances

Jules and Bethenny meet for lunch. Jules is nervous in front of Bethenny (honestly, who wouldn’t be?) and she can barely verbalize the issues with her. Luckily, Bethenny already knows the drill. She apologizes for making things so tense at Jules’ home, criticizing her construction project and then being abrupt when she left.

Jules is grateful for the apology and the opportunity to get to know Bethenny more. She opens up to Bethenny about going to college for seven years but never graduating because of the issues she faced with eating disorders. Bethenny immediately feels closer to Jules because she spent her whole childhood trying to cover for her mother who had an eating disorder. She admires Jules a lot for opening up to her like that and Jules, in turn, feels closer to her after such a warm reception.

Bethenny and Carole have lunch at Ramona’s apartment. Bethenny tells them that her conversation with Jules went well, but thank goodness she uses her better judgment and keeps the personal information to herself.

Ramona talks to them about her upcoming birthday party. She warns Carole that LuAnn will be there, which she says she is fine with as long as she’s nowhere near her. Bethenny still isn’t feeling great about LuAnn. She think she’s a little desperate and she’s always angling and using people. When it comes down to it, she doesn’t trust her.

Meanwhile, Jules and Dorinda go to get pedicures. Jules also thought her lunch with Bethenny went well and she’s better one-on-one. She’s glad she gave Bethenny a second chance.

As for Dorinda, she’s still not quite over how Ramona acted toward her at her bra party. She says she’s forgiven her, but things are different between them now. She just doesn’t feel the same way about their friendship as they used to.

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Birthday Lunch

It’s Ramona’s annual birthday lunch and she’s bummed that she’s not the only one wearing red. Bethenny points out that it’s the same women at the party every year and she’s not even sure if they’ve left since the last time.

Jules and Sonja meet for the first time and it’s surprisingly adorable. Their energies seem to match and they click right away.

LuAnn gives Bethenny a belated birthday present (an engraved handbag, while she just re-gifts Ramona a necklace from The Countess collection). Bethenny tells LuAnn that pushing her to hang out this summer at the Hamptons got to be a little much. After LuAnn gets over the fact that Bethenny is bringing up something that happened four months ago, she apologizes for maybe pushing her boundaries. She actually gets emotional (a rarity from LuAnn) and says she’s been lonely since her kids have left for college. Bethenny gives her a hug and agrees to cut her some slack going forward.

Dorinda fills LuAnn and Sonja in on what’s been happening with the ladies and John. Sonja and LuAnn are both pro-John, surprisingly enough, and they think he adores her. Funny how “adoring her” means constantly disrespecting and embarrassing her, but okay.

Even though she’s having troubles with Ramona, she’s kind enough to set those aside and give her a beautiful birthday toast. She says it was Ramona who got her out of bed after her husband died four years ago, and it’s true that girlfriends who are loyal and protective are important and to be cherished.

Next time, the ladies see a psychic. This, historically, hasn’t gone so well. But, hey, maybe she’ll have some good news this time.

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