We’re at the end of a long and arduous season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filled with the same she-said, she-said arguments had over and over. Let’s see who ultimately comes out on top and wins the battle of the season 6 reunion.

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Reunion Part 3 Recap: Who Won the Battle of the Reunion?

Round 1: Lisa Vanderpump vs. Eileen

Lisa doesn’t understand why Eileen shared her experiences of being in an abusive relationship, and on a higher level, she doesn’t understand why anyone feels the need to share their emotions with anyone else. Eileen tells her that it’s kind of sad that she shows more empathy on the show for her animal causes than she does for actual people.

Lisa points out that Eileen hurt her feelings a lot during the show with the things she had to say about her. Eileen’s response is to apologize immediately; she was just being honest and didn’t mean to hurt her feelings. Ironically, an acknowledgment and an apology was what Eileen was looking for from Lisa the entire season and never got one.

Winner: Eileen
It’s close because the two are just arguing from two different planets perspective-wise. And while Eileen might come off as a bit needling, at least she isn’t oblivious to human emotions and unable to offer a simple apology.

Round 2: Kathryn vs. Erika

Kathryn admits that running to tell Lisa Vanderpump everything Erika said maybe wasn’t the best way to build a friendship with Erika. There’s no getting around the fact that she made herself look like an ass, but she still tries to make it seem like Erika’s the bad guy here for talking “so much smack” in the first place. Erika shuts her down, telling her that she’s the one who called Lisa Vanderpump a “harmless old lady.” She challenges Kathryn to tell her all of the nasty things she said about everyone behind their backs, but Kathryn can’t answer the challenge. She also says she called Kathryn a c-word in her confessional because ratting her out was a “c-word move.”

Winner: Erika
Could it be more obvious? Erika is the new Queen of Beverly Hills and Kathryn tried to get a shortcut to fame on Lisa Vanderpump’s coattails. Not a great look.

Round 3: Brandi vs. Everyone
Bravo is thirsty enough to give Brandi a platform to leave an obnoxious video message where she has trash to say about everyone. She commends Erika and Eileen for calling Lisa out on her BS and then she goes in on both Lisas.

No one is amused and it’s embarrassing. Lisa Vanderpump says it’s not very brave for her to sit behind a camera and say whatever she wants without having to deal with anyone’s reactions. None of the ladies are giving Andy Cohen the reaction he wants, so he has no choice but to move on.

Winner: Everyone but Brandi
She’s not on the show anymore! No one cares!

Round 4: Lisa Rinna vs. Lisa Vanderpump/Ken

Lisa Rinna is not pleased with some of the words that Ken had to say about her during the season — words like “bitch,” “wanker” and “stupid.” The women agree that they would be horrified if their husbands talked like that about the other women, but Lisa Vanderpump isn’t phased. She says Ken is a separate person who acts of his own will and she can’t change that now. He may owe her an apology, but it’s not her job to be responsible for him.

Winner: Lisa Vanderpump
No, it’s not cool that Ken said that about Lisa Rinna or would say that about anyone. But Vanderpump’s right; Ken’s his own person who has to take responsibility for his own actions.

Round 5: Lisa Rinna vs. Lisa Vanderpump

It’s the same old argument. Who said what? Did Lisa Vanderpump tell Lisa Rinna to bring up Munchausen’s? Did Kyle admit that Lisa Vanderpump was trying to manipulate? We’ll never really know because none of it was caught on camera. And both sides are sticking strongly to their guns.

What we do know is that Lisa Vanderpump has a history of manipulating people around her; whether it’s for the show or for her own enjoyment is debatable. And we do know that Lisa Rinna likes to stir the pot and she feels strongly about what she believes in, whether it’s true or not.

Winner: Draw
Only you can be the judge about who’s telling the truth on this one. Either way, you have two narcissistic Lisas who used poor Yolanda’s illness to carve out storylines for a petty reality TV show.

Overall Victor: Erika

Could there be any doubt? She’s the picture of beauty and class who always speaks her truth. Whether she’s calling people out on their BS or “patting the puss,” she’s stolen the show from start to finish. Long Live Erika Jayne.

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Gina Pusateri

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