Previous on That’s Amore! – Missy broke a statue and Rebecca cried, so they got sent home. Girl Ashley was eliminated, then came back to try to start a fight, to no avail. After just three episodes, 10 women have been eliminated.

Despite Girl Ashley asking Christina to destroy Talor upon her loud exit, Talor is trying to be friends with Christina, bonding over their mutual skinniness and large bust lines. Seriously, this is Talor’s idea of friendship.

All the girls except Megan go to hang out with Ashley McNeely, who is apparently living in an RV in the mansion’s driveway. Also, Domenico Nesci has influenced his friend’s taste in swimwear, because Ashley is sporting a blue Speedo. They discuss theology, and Christina calls Kathleen out on not knowing what her own beliefs are.

Domenico invites the girls to dinner, so they meet up in the foyer (which Megan pronounces phonetically). They go outside and see a convoy of limos, and out come their parents! Kathleen’s dad speaks loudly and slowly when addressing his daughter’s foreign suitor. Talor’s dad is a bit too into Domenico’s heart-shaped bed. The parents will be sleeping in the same room as their daughters. The parents aren’t all just parents, but stepmoms, God mothers and uncles as well. Christina’s mom keeps talking about doing Jaeger bombs, for some reason. Ashley totally flirts with her. Cougar Alert!

They all sit down for dinner and Domenico visits each table. Kathleen’s dad is still very weird when talking to Domenico. Kim loves her boring family, and she’s a whole lot tamer around them. Megan’s uncle is here because her father passed away. Domenico is terrified of Christina’s family, as well he should be. Her mom is drunk on wine and lusting after Ashley.

The families are then faced with dessert: a table full of cannolis. This is the contest for a solo date, and it involves sucking the cream out of the cannolis and spitting it into a glass. Christina’s mom is super excited to suck and spit. The trend of one disgusting food-related challenge per episode continues! Domenico takes glee in watching the families suck. After making me projectile vomit all over my keyboard, Christina wins.

The win means they get some alone time in Domenico’s private discotheque before the other families join them. Christina’s mom grinds on Domenico then goes to make out with Boy Ashley. No, seriously. After a while, the other teams arive, and Kathleen’s parents suspect Christina’s mom and Godmother have drinking problems. Christina’s mom starts a fight with Talor, and Domenico begs for everyone to respect each other.

Drunk Christina says Kathleen is the only girl who showed her vagina on TV, right in front of Kathleen’s parents, This causes a literal fist fight. It’s awesome and causes Ashley and Domenico to discuss how nuts Christina’s mom is. They agree to send Christina home and she is escorted out, with Christina crying the whole time.

Domenico tells the other families that Christina is gone. They go to sleep. The next morning, Megan is crying and her mom wants her to go home. This is the craziest reality show ever, they’re dropping like flies. Domenico convinces her to stay.

The ladies get their pizza delivery, and one of the dads is sorely disappointed there’s no pizza in it. They’re all invited to a nice meal where Domenico wants to talk about relationships. Kim cries about how hard she’s fallen for him. Kathleen is ready to fall in love with someone she’ll spend the rest of her life with. Megan is a bit more closed-off about saying “I love you.”

Sidenote: Holy crap, I just saw my first commercial for the new Harold and Kumar movie, coming April 26. I know exactly where I’ll be on that day, and it won’t be in the bathroom playing Battlesh*ts.

That’s Amore! Elimination Time! Beforehand, Ashley and Domenico have another meeting of the minds, concluding that all these women are hot. Kim gets the first flag. Talor gets the second one, crying the whole time. The final two girls step up, and Domenico calls Ashley in to give him an extra flag. All four are going to Italy!

Next week on That’s Amore: The girls do some go-kart racing and Domenico invites some old friends to help him out. Two more will be eliminated, and the final two will get to go to Italy to meet Domenico’s family.

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