Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Shannon Pallay found herself in the bottom two for the first time all season. The other model up for vote, Ronnie Kroell, is old hat with the elimination ceremony, as this is his fourth time appealing to America’s heartstrings.

On the morning of the elimination, Shannon and Ronnie get up and pack. Shannon thinks that she has more of a right to stay in the competition because this is only her first time in the bottom. Downstairs, the girls discover that the boys have turned their photos around to face the wall, which only fuels both of their desires to stay. The battle of the sexes is most certainly heating up.

Ronnie and Shannon appear before the judges to hear their decision. First, I have to comment on Ronnie’s clothing choice at today’s elimination. He’s wearing a backwards Habitat for Humanity baseball hat that he probably acquired last week in New Orleans. He doesn’t look like a model, and if her were on that other modeling show, Tyra would certainly have given him a smackdown for it. But it doesn’t matter because he’s safe and Shannon is eliminated.

Back at the house, Holly is quietly pissed off because she thinks that Ronnie is undeserving of all the saves he’s been getting from America. She really wants Shannon back, but isn’t surprised to see Ronnie coming through the door.

Tyson Beckford pays a visit to the models with news that he has invited a very special guest. He makes them all close their eyes, and then Naomi Campbell fiercely walks into the room. Everyone is amazed to see her in front of them. Meanwhile Tyson and Naomi completely fawn over each other. The models show her their portfolios, and she is effusive with praise. Perry has trouble keeping it in his pants.

The next day, the final four meet Tyson again for their last photo shoot assignment of this season of Make Me A Supermodel. Their photographer today is Matthew Rolston, and the theme is the natural elements: earth, air, fire and water. Make Me A Supermodel is going out with a bang because the models will have to be nude for the shoot. Rock on! Highlights of the styling session are Ben getting his briefs cut off with a pair of scissors, and Perry getting his privates shaved.

Ben goes first and does a great job as air. Matthew Rolston loves how Ben interplays his strength with sensuality. Holly is next, and she portrays fire. Matthew is very impressed overall with her performance, but isn’t pleased with her flabbiness. He thinks that she isn’t toned enough to do fashion or to do a nude shot. Her photo is really cool, though. They first take pictures of Holly wearing a bald cap, and then melded that image with a picture of a mannequin head on fire. Perry is water, and has to tuck Little Perry between his legs. He looks very raw and punk rock, pouring water over himself while sucking on an ice cube. Perry tells the art director that he wants them to airbrush out the tattoo on his arm. The tat is an ‘A’ for Amanda, who is now dead to him because she cheated on him with Britney Spears’ ex. Ronnie’s theme might be my favorite. He plays earth, and he wears a crown of leaves on his head, looking exactly a wood nymph. Matthew Rolston is just so impressed with all four of them. It’s nice to see everyone succeed.

The next day, the models are brought to Rolston’s gallery where their earth, air, fire and water photos are displayed. All the judges, the photographer and other notables in the fashion industry are there. All the judges are happy with the photos.

It’s time for the season’s last catwalk assignment! Niki Taylor tells them that it’s a triple-decker assignment: they’ll have to work three different looks. And to help them with their walks is Christian Siriano, the winner of this season of Project Runway! He is so fierce. He brings a dress that he designed just for Holly, but he assures the boys that he’ll help them too. Christian gives each model one-on-one pointers on each of their three walks.

The runway show starts, and the models start with underwear, scarves and painted on tats. Holly’s look is super-sexy, with garters and thigh-high stockings. Looking at her body, though, I’m surprised that Katy Caswell caught so much flak about being fat when Holly is just as flabby.

The second look is more preppy-meets-bizarre, and Ben and Perry take the bizarre part to heart, performing the running man and a goofy swinging knee dance, respectively. Holly’s second outfit is the dress that Christian designed for her. I’m surprised that it’s not a skinny pant with a ruffled pirate shirt, since that seems to be Christian’s signature. The third look is evening wear.

After the show, the judges give their critiques. They love Ben’s playful dance moves and his smoking hot bod. (No one mentions Perry’s dance, though.) Tyson criticizes Ronnie and Holly for being too doughy. Holly insists that she does have a personality, despite what her male competitors say. Next, the judges giggle with Perry about this “tuck job” at the photoshoot. Matthew says that he loves Perry as an all-around great model.

After the judges discuss each model’s respective strengths and weaknesses, all four models are brought back to the runway. This time, Niki has only good things to say about them all. Unfortunately, only one of them can win, and all four of them are up for the vote tonight.

Next week, Bravo will be airing a Make Me A Supermodel reunion special. Don’t miss it!

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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