If I’m correctly gaging the Big Brother fan base (and I think I am), Big Brother 9 has been something of a disappointment.  These things happen, and I don’t blame CBS or Allison Grodner. 

Big Brother 9 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

This season was something of a throw-away from the start, rushed into production thanks to the writers’ strike.  Since Big Brother was playing with house money (sort of), they decided to experiment with the couples twist.  I, like many out there, thought the partners’ idea was a sound one.  Unfortunately, it really mucked up the gameplay and didn’t allow for the usual strategy that Big Brother houseguests are used to.  Reality show contestants generally base their gameplay (and overall behavior) on what they’ve seen in previous seasons. 

Just look at Survivor – every staple of gameplay was set during the show’s first season.  Without history to look back on and facing an entirely different set of rules, the Big Brother 9 couples didn’t really know what to do.  The bright side is that, now that we’re down to individuals, the season should be a whole lot more entertaining.  We’ve got the nomination spoilers for Big Brother posted below. 

We all know that Adam, the big lug, is the new Head of Household this week.  Seeing as he’s in a de facto alliance with Sheila, Natalie, and Ryan, he had his pick from the couples (Sharon/Joshuah and James/Chelsia) for nominations. 

Adam nominated James and Chelsia.

These nominations make sense.  There’s no point in putting up one member of each couple at this point because whoever goes, Adam and his alliance will have the numbers.  Also, and I wonder if this was on Adam’s mind, by nominating such a close couple as Chelsia and James, you greatly minimize the stress on the house.  I doubt either James or Chelsia will campaign against the other, and this will keep the heat off of Adam.  Maybe.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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