One Tree Hill covered a lot of ground in the first 12 episodes of its fifth season.  Not only did the series jump four years into the future, but over the course of the most recent episodes we’ve seen Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley break up, nanny Carrie go bonkers, Peyton make up with Lindsey, Dan get out of prison, and Lucas almost get married.  That’s a lot to pack in to a season, and we still have six episodes remaining before the finale.  This begs the question, what do we want to see in those final installments?  I have five bright ideas for what the writers of One Tree Hill should do next.

1.  Brooke Needs to Forget About the Baby

In last Tuesday’s 100th episode, Brooke (Sophia Bush) randomly admitted that she wants to have a baby. Maybe it was the bonding with Jamie that did it, or maybe Brooke stole some of Rachel’s drugs, but this seems like a terrible idea.  Brooke Davis is the most interesting when she’s feisty, flirty, a little bit bitchy, and teasing men with her sexuality.  Seeing her settle down and have a baby would be extremely boring. Besides, we already have one kid on the show, and no other child could ever be as adorable.

2.  Nathan and Haley Need to Divorce

I already talked about this point in another article, but I still believe that Nathan and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) need to break up for a period of time.  They’ve been married since the first season, and I’d like a chance to see them independent of one another for at least a little while.

3.  We Need a New Villain

I enjoyed the ridiculous antics of nanny Carrie and bitchy Victoria, but they’ve caused about as much trouble as they’re capable of.  It’s time for Dan (Paul Johansson) to step up and become the conniving crazy person for the rest of the season.  I’d also like to see Rachel (Danneel Harris) come back and cause some sort of trouble.  Maybe she could start by stealing Owen away from Brooke and getting him hooked on drugs yet again.

4.  Lucas and Peyton Need to Make a Decision

Okay, so I don’t expect Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) to get over his aborted marriage in just a few days, but he has to come to the realization that he’s in love with Peyton.  His lack of self-awareness is getting on my nerves, as are the endless obstacles keeping him and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) apart.  By the end of the season, I’d either like to see them get together or truly move on with new people.  No more pining, please.

5.  Lay Off on the New Characters for Now

One Tree Hill really has a shaky track record when it comes to introducing new characters.  For example, I love Jamie, Owen seems fine, and even Carrie was entertaining.  On the other hand, Mouth’s boss was awful, Mia was a little pointless, and Quentin is consistently obnoxious.  The show had a lot of guest stars in its first 12 episodes, but the best hour of the season was the one that took place in the library and featured the least number of characters.  I want to see the show focus more on the core group and maybe a few faces from the past.  We don’t need any more newbies.

Will the writers of One Tree Hill listen to any of my suggestions?  We’ll find out when the show returns in April.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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