The penultimate episode of Teen Wolf left the supernatural heroes in a nearly unwinnable situation. Deucalion was killed and everyone else is either under literal fire by hunters or being drawn into a deadly trap. The series finale sneak peek might explain how at least half of Scott’s pack will make it out of their current situation alive, but there’s still plenty to be worried about in Beacon Hills. Lydia’s vision of total and impending doom hangs over the series finale, but are things as dire as they seem?

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A Redhead’s Red Herring?

The series finale won’t be a bloodless affair. Some people, on both sides, are bound to die. Peter Hale is certainly going to make the ultimate sacrifice and it’ll be nothing short of a miracle if someone doesn’t finally off Gerard Argent. Lydia’s vision of everyone turned to stone by the Anuk-ite isn’t going to happen, and not just because it’s a complete bummer and completely trashes those continuing rumors that Teen Wolf won’t end with Scott’s story. 

This doesn’t mean that Lydia’s vision is completely misleading. Lydia’s visions have a pretty solid track record on Teen Wolf but she’s not batting a thousand. Sometimes Lydia has foreseen major character deaths — Allison is the most notable example. Often, though, Lydia’s visions are those of a possible and preventable future or they drop a huge clue about how to save the day. Lydia’s vision in “Broken Glass” likely checks off both items. 

The way “Broken Glass” ended heavily suggested that the series finale would see Scott and the gang go up against Gerard and his hunters. It is the human threat that is the much more pressing concern since they are an armed militia who have their guns pointed directly at Scott and his pack’s heads. 

Given Scott’s character and the way that Teen Wolf has operated for six seasons, though, a different fate awaits in the finale. It’s a lot more likely that the series finale will be about Scott trying to stop the Anuk-ite, rather than face or even kill any hunters. Lydia’s vision wasn’t warning that everyone would die at the end of a hunter’s gun. They were turned to stone by the nearly combined and all-powerful Anuk-ite. 

The red herring for the series finale isn’t Lydia’s vision. It’s the amount of time that season 6B has put into building up the hunters as the main threat. It’s the defeat of the Anuk-ite that will really save the day for Scott and the pack, not the neutralization of Gerard Argent. 

The Monster Behind the Curtain 

Initially this (possible) direction for the series finale does sound a bit disappointing. Teen Wolf has really put no effort into making the Anuk-ite a compelling threat besides the idea of the monster. The Anuk-ite is barely a character. Even if the main villain of the season is a straight monster on Teen Wolf they at least get a great deal of screen time and an explanation for their actions. The Anuk-ite has barely been seen throughout the half season. All the villain credibility has gone to characters like Monroe, Gabe and, of course, Gerard. The Anuk-ite is a fleshy plot device.

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However, Teen Wolf did set up something in “Broken Glass,” besides Lydia’s vision, that could make the defeat of the Anuk-ite satisfying. While training to fight blind, Scott mused (or hoped) that the hunters aren’t in control of their actions. If Scott’s right, hunters like Monroe and Gabe are victims more than anything else. They’re being twisted and turned about by the Anuk-ite’s fear powers. By going after the Anuk-ite, Scott would be proving the point that he’s always made as an Alpha. Killing is never the answer and there’s always another way to resolve a conflict. 

By taking out the Anuk-ite, Scott (and Teen Wolf) would be underlining one of the central messages of the show. Humanity, overall, is good and it’s never too late for someone to turn around and do the right thing. It’s probably even likely that the death, or capture, of the Anuk-ite will come halfway through the series finale and the rest of the end will be about Monroe and the rest joining Scott to take down someone like Gerard. Let’s face it, Gerard didn’t need a fear demon to become an evil mass murderer. 

Lydia’s vision isn’t warning of death. It’s warning that the Anuk-ite needs to be taken out first and after that everyone else will crumble. 

But what do you think? What are your theories on Lydia’s vision? Do you think the series finale will be a major bloodbath? Will Scott focus on the Anuk-ite in the series finale? Should Scott focus on the Anuk-ite?

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