Halloween has brought some very scary good news for Supernatural fans. Felicia Day, who played the incredibly awesome nerdy hacker Charlie in a season 7 episode, will be back!

Day tweeted that she’s on the set of Supernatural for Halloween, filming scenes for Charlie’s triumphant return.

Charlie Bradbury worked in the I.T. department for the head Leviathan Richard Roman, although when confronted with the truth about what he was, she agreed to help Sam and Dean get the info they needed to defeat the Leviathans. She left the boys, announcing this wasn’t the first time she had to disappear and change her identity, and told them not to contact her again.

Charlie will pop up in the 11th episode of season 8, currently titled “LARP and the Real Girl.” As if you don’t already know, LARP stands for “live action role playing,” something Sam and Dean have encountered before thanks to the fans of the Supernatural book series.

Day’s Charlie is the latest new character from season 7 to return this year. We’ve already seen Kevin and his mom come back, and on the November 7 episode, D.J. Qualls will return as hunter Garth.

(Image courtesy of the CW)

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