In tonight’s episode, the team investigates a very strange case involving a health-conscious Unsub and JJ’s (A.J. Cook) son surprises everyone his with costume choice.

Family or Food?

Four men vanish into thin air and the team heads to Oregon to investigate the disappearances. Shortly after they arrive, the body of the latest victim is found. After examing the victim’s body and finding no signs of torture, the agents start to think the Unsub might be a woman. The agents believe the Unsub is abducting these men in a search for the perfect breeding partner to create a family. Then the Unsub kidnaps a pregnant woman and the team thinks they are on the right track, but it turns out the Unsub is up to something else entirely.

The Unsub is a hypochondriac and believes both she and her daughter have a horrible skin disease. (The Unsub did have this disease once upon a time, but has since been cured.) She is using her victims to ‘treat’ this imaginary illness. The Unsub kidnaps the pregnant woman for her placenta and uses her male victims as human fertilizer. (Yes, this episode is nice and gross.)

Blake’s Bluff

At one point, the Unsub tries to ‘save’ her daughter via the people-soil but it does not appear to be working. The Unsub’s next move is to use her victim’s blood to heal her daughter. But when the team arrives, Blake (Jeanne Tripplehorn) manages to come up with another solution. Blake convinces the Unsub that the only cure for her daughter’s condition is her husband’s ashes.

The Unsub releases her victim and we learn that Blake stole the ashes from the fire-place and only pretended they belonged to the Unsub’s deceased husband. Hotch (Thomas Gibson) seems impressed with Blake’s quick-thinking and I have to agree that her methods are pretty crafty.

Monsters Are Nothing for the BAU

JJ’s son Henry is afraid to go trick-or-treating because someone told him that Halloween was when the real monsters came out, as they could blend in. JJ says she told Henry that the story was not true but he was convinced. And poor JJ blames herself because Henry once overheard JJ and Will discussing the monsters they deal with in their day-jobs.

But JJ’s day-job turns out to be the key in getting her son over his fear. Henry decides that he wants to follow in his mother’s footsteps and separate the fake monsters from the real ones so he dresses up as his favorite profiler, Doctor Spencer Reid. Henry looks adorable in his Reid costume and Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) is delighted by this turn of events.

Do you have any thoughts on tonight’s case, Blake’s actions or Henry’s costume? If so, let us know in the comments section.

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