So far in Teen Wolf‘s final season, the Wild Hunt has invaded Beacon Hills and is erasing people from existence. Stiles is their biggest victim, but recently Scott and Lydia remembered him and that’s about it. That’s all that has happened. There is, of course, another evil teacher running around in the form of Nazi werewolf Mr. Douglas. The B squad of Liam’s gang is getting way too much screen time too, but not much has happened so far on Teen Wolf season 6. 

“Ghosted” doesn’t really change things, but it does keep the ball rolling from the previous episode. Things are definitely moving in a progressive direction, which on Teen Wolf means things are getting way creepier. It’s going to be very hard to get a restful night’s sleep after watching this episode. One can only imagine how weird things will get by the series finale.

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The Ghost Town to End All Ghost Towns

Sadly, no one — or, more specifically, Sheriff Stilinski — believes Scott and Lydia about Stiles’ existence. So it is up to Scott and Lydia, joined by Malia, to visit the town that Stiles told them about — Canaan. When the mini-pack arrives in Canaan, they find it to be a deserted ghost town that was apparently completely annihilated by the Wild Hunt in the 1980s. There is also a bloody merry-go-round in the middle of a cul-de-sac there. You know, just like every small town in America. 

Canaan is disturbing for more than just the absence of any residents and an oddly placed child’s ride. While in the town, Scott and Malia begin to experience terrifying visions of their family. It’s really no different than the visions Lydia has on an episodic basis now, but it doesn’t make them any less creepy, especially since Malia’s vision involves her being dragged into the Earth by the corpses of her adoptive (and dead) mother and sister. 

The visions turn out to be a product of the only woman from Canaan who didn’t get taken by the Wild Hunt, Lenore. Lenore is a Banshee who lost her child in the Hunt’s attack and, as a result, has gone completely insane. Lenore lives alone, is completely unaware of how much time has passed and has conjured her dead child as a murderous ghost. Lenore might be my very worst nightmare of a fictional character. 

Despite every clue telling the gang not to go into the crazy lady’s house, they do enter Lenore’s home. They are quickly roped into her house of horrors, which involves drinking disgusting “lemonade” and getting drowned by her ghost son. Well, Scott and Malia are roped into the horrors; Lydia does all the work of actually saving everyone.

You can say whatever you want about some of the disappointing aspects of the final season of Teen Wolf. The show has certainly nailed Lydia’s importance, and she is every bit as useful, if not more so, as Scott is. Lydia learns that Lenore was left behind by the Wild Hunt because she was a Banshee, and the same fate awaits Lydia if she can’t stop the ghost riders. The Wild Hunt also turns their victims into ghost riders eventually. Lydia also manages to talk Lenore off her crazy ledge (slightly) and allow them all to leave Canaan and get back to their lives. 

Sexual(?) Healing with Melissa and Argent 

There are other storylines going on with this episode, and just like the rest of season 6, they are all incredibly disconnected. The show really should just be sticking with Scott, Malia and Lydia, but “Ghosted” at least has the decency to include the other great part of this season: the interactions between Argent and Melissa McCall.

Melissa and Argent’s sexual tension this season is kind of creepy since they first met because their kids were dating. Melissa and Argent are arguably two of the most flawless characters on the show, though, so it balances out in the end. Who cares why the show is putting them together? It’s just good enough that they are getting the screen time. 

Unfortunately, “Ghosted” doesn’t really use Melissa and Argent that well. It’s not meaningful. Melissa uses some herbs to heal Argent from the wound he gained by the Wild Hunt’s whip, and she saves his life. The story is almost over as soon it begins. Really, it just seems like a chance for Teen Wolf to show Argent with his shirt off. Since 25% of Teen Wolf‘s plots involve having the male actors gratuitously taking off their shirts, though, that’s not really surprising.

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Something Stupid, Something Evil and Something New

Sadly, Teen Wolf doesn’t just end things there, and Liam continues to exist and continues to be a massive disappointment. Liam comes up with the brilliant idea that the only way they are going to defeat the Wild Hunt is to attract them with a big lightning strike. Since Kira is off screen doing whatever, Liam decides to bring back someone else: Theo. Liam gets this terrible idea from the brand-new villain and equally useless Nazi werewolf character, Mr. Douglas. 

Sure, Liam doesn’t know that Mr. Douglas is evil, but working with a villain to bring back another is so ridiculously stupid that it rivals Liam’s awful hairdo decisions. It gets even worse when Liam discovers that because of Theo’s stint in Hell, he no longer has all his powers. Theo can’t even attract the Wild Hunt. All Theo offers is some information. Theo tells Liam that the Wild Hunt hasn’t left Beacon Hills yet because they can’t leave and they are going to eventually erase all of Beacon Hills. So … the exact same thing Lydia learned from Lenore. Teen Wolf doesn’t treat this as non-event, though, and acts like Theo just dropped a bombshell and Liam isn’t a completely waste of space. 

Teen Wolf does drop somewhat new information in the very final scene. When Claudia, who could not be more evil and suspicious, goes off to bed, Sheriff Stilinski is left alone in the hallway of their house. The Sheriff notices the same hanging wallpaper that Lydia did episodes ago. He rips off the wallpaper and it reveals Stiles’ bedroom on the other side. Another relic and hopefully another person remembering Stiles.

Do you think the Sheriff will finally remember his son now? Is Claudia truly as evil as she seems? What do you think of Teen Wolf‘s final season so far? Are you excited by Theo’s return? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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