On tonight’s Burn Notice, Fi’s ex-boyfriend Armand helps Michael find out who tried to blow him up in exchange for Fi thievery. Michael, Jesse, and Sloan are stuck on an island in the Caribbean with a bunch of mercenaries and work to steal back information that was leaked by an NSA agent.

Top Five Moments:

5. Madeline is the MVP: She goes undercover, she manipulates the county clerks office and now she plants bombs. Basically, she’s been spending too much time with Fi. She deserves that MVP title.

4. Espionage Meets Mercenaries: The main story for this week had Michael, Jesse, and Sloan stuck on an island with mercenaries. And of course they pretended to be other mercenaries in order to find out which NSA agent leaked the information to a bunch of mercenary. Yet, the mercenaries employer, the Commander, stole the information to secure it from Michael and his people. Of course, they framed and manipulated it to look like it was the Commander in order to discover the NSA agent who leaked it. The plot was clever because our heroes were clever.

3. Fi and Sam’s Heist: Fi’s commissioned heist was rather clever. She used a smoke bomb to set off the fire alarm and sprinklers. The water from the sprinklers then activated the chemical laced fruit/teddy bear basket and set off a bomb, exploding the office as a good distraction. Then, Fi and Sam bust in and steal from the truck. It’s a little risky–she could have hurt someone–but it is a nice contrast to an older Fi who would have come in guns-a-blazing. But then, Armand ended up being responsible for killing someone.

2. Jesse: He looked like he was having a lot of fun doing a government job in a very rogue style; just like that rogue conspiracy organization wanted M And I like that the show made a note that it is quite odd that Jesse works with Michael, the very man who ruined his career. I wonder if this important for later in the season: if Jesse chooses to turn on Michael.

1. Ignorance is Bliss: Anyone else worried for Michael and Fi? Fi sacrifices a lot for Michael, and this week we learned that going to Armand kind of destroyed Fi. She feels guilty for working with this cold-blooded guy, but she did it for Michael. Michael lives in his own world of single-mindedness and he doesn’t see what his favors cost other people. Will this destroy his relationship with Fi?

Next week, the gang gets closer to the man who tried to kill Michael. He’s kind of old and crazy looking; he reminded me of an aged Charlie Sheen.

Emily E. Steck
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Emily E. Steck

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